end corruption,stroke politics, & incompetent administration

Bertie,s ministerial fools , grapple with internet provision for irish schools   is the site for angry bill payers . Visit it.  Mary O'Rourke,who sold Eircom for Bertie, left half the nation with dud shares and ensured that the advent of internet access  for our young and old would be prohibitivly expensive due to the stranglehold Eircom retain to this day on the nations telephone exchanges.  Thence began perhaps the greatest Rip Off  of all by a newly privatized company.Soaring land line rental charges,shocking a society accustombed to -indeed punch drunk- from being robbed on a regular basis. The  old 'Department of Posts and Telegraphs' has metamorphised into a capitalist monster named 'Eircom'. Fianna Fail have overseen its transformation. The consequences of their utter ineptitude  in effecting this privatisation without safeguards for the public interest, have been  costly in more ways than those ministerial buffoons have foreseen. What ,in their three decade reign, did they ever 'foresee' in a compent fashion?    "Mary O'Rourke ,go to jail".