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January 16, 1991

O Lord! where are You again?
like thirsty ground, I yearn for you,
reach down from above and visit me;
My lamp is running short of its oil;
come as usual to fill my lamp.
have My Peace;
upon My Shoulders I am carrying you; like a shepherd carrying His weak lamb, I carry you, because I know you are weak, miserable and unable to walk by yourself; I, the Lord, am pouring on you grace after grace, for your survival; I overlook all that you do not do in My favour, daughter; have confidence; I have rescued you from Death to walk by My side, I have rescued you, flower, so that you walk in My Presence,
But Jesus.
talk little, sshh ... listen to Me, 1 listen: ... how many have I raised up in this particular way and educated little by little?
Not many, my Lord.
then trust Me2 ... I shall bring you to fulfil every vow that rose to your lips in your act of consecration; listen ... who was more determined than I and My Mother for your salvation?
No one.
no, no one;
in spite of your childish insolence I offered you My Sacred Heart to become your dwelling place; why, Vassula, I have taken you by the hand across the desert and have shown you Heaven, and your eyes saw thousands of myriads of angels surrounding Me; daughter, I granted you many favours and all this from the Love I have for you, 3 listen to Me4 ... I have come to educate you and millions of others through these Messages, I have not come for you alone, I have not come to raise you up alone, but to raise through these writings nation after nation to glorify Me; and as I have taken you to My Banquet Hall, I intend to take soul after soul in My Banquet Hall too;
do not stand mystified at My Beauty ... I Am Perfect ... listen to Me ... do not let your eyes turn away from Me, praise Me, and I shall, if you allow Me, hold them captive; I shall hold your gaze on My Perfection to arouse in you a desire for your own perfection; I want you beautiful, blessed and holy; so allow Me to lead you step by step into Heaven; it is true that I have lifted you to be a sign of unity and to go out and witness but am I not providing you for your mission with everything that your soul needs?
you were uninhabited, a desert, hear Me, then, to fulfil My purpose, I came into your wilderness to pitch My Tent in you, to prosper you and make out of you My Property and My Dwelling; now you belong to Me and you are My Own and My Temple; for this reason I guard you like the core of My Eyes, from the Slanderer, who without cease endeavours in various methods to invade and ravage your land and make a desolation out of you; like a watchman I watch over you day and night; like a sentinel I guard you from all intruders; aha! no-o, no one will be allowed to enter into My Property;
O beloved, blessed of My Soul, allow Me to whisper in you My Desires so that they be written and read by a multitude of souls, and that out of these lines they may hear:
My Voice,
Love's Voice,
I have not spoken to you only, I am speaking to every soul; so come to Me, you who are needy, I shall lift you out of your misery and press you to My Heart; come to Me you who are desolate and I shall make rivers flow out of you; oh come to Me, you who are weary and place your head on Me; rest in Me, soul; your hardships, your worries, I shall bear; give them to Me, offer them to Me and I shall relieve you, rejoice! for in your nothingness I Am Everything, in your poverty, I am King, and in your abandonment to Me, I can do My Will! Righteousness and Justice are observing you, so do not fail Me, soul, Salvation is at your door;
- Vassula, let My Love cover you; be attentive and do not neglect Me, remember, I am your Spouse; I, the Lord, bless you; keep Me locked in your mind; this pleases Me so much; I love you infinitely; come;


1 Jesus said these words like a soft melody, whispering them, I could have died from His Tenderness.
2 Jesus again whispered softly.
3 I was trying to interrupt.
4 Jesus was whispering tenderly again.

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