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The Washington Speakers bureau

Are you an aspiring young politician or an up and coming business tycoon? Would you like to learn some tricks  from "the most devious,the most cunning  of them all"; from a man who fooled 3 million people for 30 years and  bought the voting loyalty of  two million more citizens, with the profits from the world's most disastrous "Ponzi" property boom?
 Meet  a man who wasted the tax assets of an entire nation enriching his cronies during a short lived economic boom. Press the flesh with a man  who walked away from national disaster;left thousands ruined;left  hundreds of thousands unemployed; left millions indebted for decades -and didnt go to jail! Break bread and share a glass of bubbly with "The Bert", a politician who along with colleagues like Ray Burke, collected an obscene pension at the end of his criminality- plus 500,000 Euros for writing his memoirs (those of them he cares to share with us-that is)
 He also picks up the occasional 40,000 euros per appearance, from the Washington speakers Bureau for lecturing  the world's most ambitious businessmen on how to survive and prosper in a similiar fashion in the event that they are finally exposed as corrupt political, or business, or banking tricksters.
Have you got a spare 1000 Euros in your pocket? Would you like to attend a special gathering to listen to one of the world's most entertaining politicians? Contact the Washington Speakers Bureau.
Coming soon to the Bureau: the acclaimed "Kerry Rapist",also  "Fingers" Fingleton , "Seanie" Fitzpatrick and Frank Fahey political stroker and property magnate.

Happy Christmas everybody!


When is a PPPS (Public Private Partnership) contract not a contract? Answer-when the defaulting party is a Fianna Fail, crony developer!.

Former Fianna Fail councillor-turned developer Bernard McNamara from Cahirciveen in the Kingdom of Kerry, has

 walked away from agreements to develop six public-private partnership housing developments in Dublin City locations,

 including one near Connolly Station. With house prices falling, it no longer made financial sense to build social housing

 and finance their construction by selling off apartments at below-peak prices.

Mr McNamara, a former Fianna Fail county councillor, pulled out of the Thornton prison project even though he paid the price (yeah ?) in terms of "severe criticism " from his  politician cronies in government.

If Fianna Fail pulled out of any signed PPPS contract, the taxpayer would be crucified by Bernard

 McNamara in the Four Goldmines.

If,however, a Fianna Fail developer (Bernard Mcnamara) reneges on a legally binding government

 contract to provide housing for the poor,its tough shit-but only for the taxpayer, and for the


Will NAMA (Mr McNamara's new 'minders',) now also pay off the group of wealthy investors suing

cute hoor Kerryman Bernard McNamara, for up to 100 million.?Euros?


Favouring the Rich – A Media Prerogative?


“[The ruling class has constructed] two parallel universes, one in which there seems to be an endless amount of money that can be put into the banking system and another where we have to attack the blind, the disabled, children and the unemployed. It’s remarkable how successful this crude strategy of distracting and dividing people has been.” (Fintan O’Toole)

Kerry jokes

I got the idea for this poster for the Kerry Tourism site, when I heard an unusual news report on RTE radio, on 17th December 2009, to the effect that about 20 Kerrymen filed into Tralee District Court to shake hands and embrace  an alleged  rapist just before before he was scathingly condemned as a liar and a scoundrel by the presiding judge who then sentenced him to 7 years imprisonment.

Quangos cost 12 billion-no changes/none abolished in Lenehan's budget.

Why have the quangos been spared while the weak have been savaged?

The answer is simple. Quangos are the network of government power. They are peppered with directors(G.A.A.background) who reflect the political party of the minister making the appointments.

 They are outlets for naked patronage. To hell with the nation, save the quangos.

When was the last time a director of a quango resigned on principle? Ahem.

They have to be dragged, kicking and screaming from their comfortable perches and fat fees.

The Soldiers of Destiny-Beverly and Padraig,ever- a class act.!


The banksters.


The Soldiers of Destiny in crisis.


You probably never heard of Margareth island. In Hungary it's called Margit sziget.

It is not as remote as

Inishvickillane- the now grave-rotten, CJ Haughey's, former island retreat, off the

Kerry Coast.There is a bronze statue of this rat-bag in the same county (where rapists,incidentally are treated like kings!)

In fact Margit Sziget is in the heart of Budapest. There are no red deer running wild in

Margaret Island.There are no "reds" of any kind in Budapest any more, but this

irish capitalist targeted,island will cost the irish taxpayer dear.

It's only one of many exotic properties in locations around the world which is

now in the custodianship of our Minister for Finance Brian Lenehan

(on your behalf! ).

Brian is also the caretaker of gambling casinos in Macau (China),derelict power

stations in Battersea (London) and skyscrapers in Shanghai.

Many of them are part owned by our one and only Seanie Fitz and his cronies.

Seanie,(via Anglo Irish Bank) raised funds from all over the globe for himself and his friends, to set

out on a spectacular,speculative, global spending spree. It all went bottoms up.

Schoolchildren, sick citizens, and social welfare recipients

living on the island of Ireland will pay back this money in the decade to come.


Several of the country’s top bankers, along with dozens of other

high-profile  business figures, have

emerged as investors behind this €100 million property  project in

the heartof the Hungarian capitalof Budapest in 2008.

Funds raised two years ago by former Goodbody Corporate

Finance executive Mark O’Donovan were

planned for a joint venture to build apartments, offices and a marina

on Margaret Island (Margit sziget), a 2.5 km-long island in the middle of

the Danube in Budapest.

The island is mainly parkland and a leisure area and any part of it is

much-sought-after real estate.


It is understood planning permission has already been obtained

for the project and the developers were close to beginning work on the site.

A company called Danube Bay Property Holdings owns most of the

Irish shares.

Companies Office records show that its shareholders include former AIB

executives Tom Mulcahy

and Gary Kennedy, Ulster Bank chief executive Cormac McCarthy and

his head of corporate and commercial lending Robert Gallagher.

It also includes Anglo Irish Bank chairman Sean FitzPatrick, Fexco executive

John Nagle,

Michael Maughan’s Gowan Group, builders John and George Herbert Sisk,

the part owner of the

Queens bar in Dalkey in Dublin along with Mulcahy, Gerry O’Farrell,

Duolog Technologies executive Ray Bulger and around 40 others.

The biggest single shareholding is held by a company called Budapest

Property Opportunity Holding Company Ltd with a 14 per cent stake.

The ghost of Liam Lawlor (or his wife and  children) are probably is  active players here too..

Mr Lenehan's unhappy task is to sell these disaster laden projects off, for a

song; to global financial predators who will be happy to discount their

previous cost by 80/90% and take them off the hands

of the Irish taxpayer's representative (Mr Lenehan).Perhaps some of them

(the buyers) will be the same people who loaned Seanie the money to buy

them in the first place..

Seanie will never see the inside of a jail. "Respectable" irish citizens

(i.e. anybody who wear a shirt and tie) do not go to prison in Ireland.

One crooked developer,Patrick Gallagher did time certainly on the

Island of Ireland, but that was in a different jurisdiction..

who are the "Anglo Irish golden circle" of ten big developers?

We still only know four..flush out the rest of the rats from the woodpile!
The Sunday Times has been able to ascertain that the following businessmen, some of whom have had dealings with Anglo, are not among the 10 investors: Sean Mulryan, Patrick Doherty, Sean Dunne, Derek Quinlan, Denis O’Brien, JP McManus, John Magnier, Noel Smyth, Michael Whelan, Jim Mansfield, Richard Barrett, Johnny Ronan, and Fintan Drury.

pre budget frolics in general, Revenue abusing clerics, Gerry Gannon in NAMA? and Labour Party exposed as Trojan Horse" for Civil Servants.

"We have put €3bn into the pension reserve fund this year, a fund that has steadily been losing money. 

We have put €4bn into Anglo-Irish Bank, a bank that can never function properly again. We are getting ready to take money from some of the poorest people in Ireland, while we have apparently decided not to look for any contribution from some of the richest. "
                                                                     Fergus Finlay.

Read more:

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 “Ireland made Icarus look boringly stable.” It had moved from being the poster child of free-market globalisation to one of the great economic basket cases of modern history.

All this has been accompanied by a culture of corruption so shameless and spectacular that it makes Dublin look like Kabul. The former prime minister Charles Haughey stole €250,000 from a fund set up to pay for a liver transplant for one of his closest friends. Last year, the chairman of Anglo Irish Bank resigned when it emerged that he had €84m in loans from his own bank, a sum concealed by an annual (apparently legal) cooking of the books. As O’Toole points out, bribery, tax evasion and false evidence under oath have not simply gone unpunished; the very idea of penalising the culprits is viewed by the governing elite as unsporting or even unpatriotic.

Hooray-the country is saved!

(at her own expense of course)
Problem solved for Brian Lenehan.No national strike of civil servants.
 1 billion Euros saved.
 Longer holidays for overpaid civil servants.Longer hospital waiting lists. Even worse services (Is it possible?) across the board. 
Irish Civil servants will spend more time on the Costa Del Sol; Touring Australia; Visiting Thailand;  Driving their (sparetime) taxis,Etc.

The irascible but highly entertaining,Ryanair´s CEO, Michael O Leary discusses the Soldiers of Destiny (Fianna Fail) tourist strategy for Ireland.

December ,2009. Michael OLeary CEO of Ryanair has been awarded one of three "Excellence in Tourism 2009" citations by the Tourism Advisory Council of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)
for his dedication and commitment to the tourist sector here in the Islands, and throughout Spain. He has committed to bringing 4 million new tourists to Spain next year with ultra low fares from every European country. Meanwhile Ireland has imposed a 10 Euro tax on all flights in and out of Ireland,and many of the empty hotels and waterlogged golf courses there  are in receivership.What a government.they are still busy placating David Begg and SIPTU and their civil servants and wondering where to raise the Revenue to pay their wages.

Ireland:after the developers;Haughey;Aherne; Cowan; NAMA; the Denis O´Briens;the Michael Lowrys;the Dermot Desmonds & Fianna Fail..time for a change?

Understanding Che Guevara — 42 Years After His Murder

Posted by Mike E on October 13, 2009

che guevaraChe was executed in cold blood 42 years ago by a U.S. lead death squad that captured him in Bolivia. Then, as now, he had emerged as a prominent symbol of  self-sacrifice, armed struggle, internationalism and uncompromising opposition to U.S. domination. His death stands as a glaring example of the role the U.S. and its agents play in the  brutal repression of humanity’s highest aspirations. The torturers of the CIA were not invented on 9/11 — but have a very long and bloody history.

Che is a highly romantic martyr of the people’s cause. But he was also a revolutionary leader and thinker  in a particular complex time; he was associated closely with a specific series of approaches and strategies.

Che (and the Cuban  movement he was part of) had a particular line on the role of the people in their own emancipation. It was  a view that exalted the actions of small military groupings of “heroic guerrillas” (calledfocos) in galvanizing revolution. Unlike the Maoists at that same time, Che and Fidel Castro were not advocates of a “land to the tiller” agrarian revolution, but sought to nationalize the existing plantation structure of Cuba and similar countries.

The fact that so many people revere him is a testimony to the deep desires for liberation throughout the world. And at the same time, revolution is not made by symbolism alone. The controversies surrounding Che’s strategies have contemporary significance.

The following piece was written over ten years ago in appreciation of Che’s impact — while also making a critical assessment of his strategic concepts. There has been considerable excavation of these events since this piece was written. Kasama intends to  publish other essays on Che reflecting a number of different assessments.

* * * * * * * *

October 9, 1967: The CIA Murder of Ernesto Che Guevara

By Mike Ely

Thirty years ago, on October 8, 1967, gunfire echoed through a steep ravine of the Andes Mountains in southern Bolivia. The guerrilla band led by Ernesto “Che” Guevara was pinned down and surrounded by Bolivian Army Rangers.

Less than a year earlier, Guevara and a team of cadres had secretly traveled from Cuba to Bolivia to launch a guerrilla war, hoping to topple Bolivia’s pro-U.S. military government. Guevara had gone up into the mountains with about 50 supporters. Within months they were discovered by Bolivian troops. And an intense pursuit started.

Trying to escape the government forces, Guevara divided his supporters into two groups, and was never able to reunite them. His diary records that, by late August, his group was exhausted, demoralized and down to 22 men. On August 31 the other group was ambushed and wiped out crossing a river.

Ernesto Guevara moments before his execution

Ernesto Guevara moments before his execution

On September 26, Bolivian army units ambushed Che’s remaining forces near the isolated mountain huts of La Higuera. The guerrillas found no way out of the encirclement. Several died in the shooting. Guevara himself was wounded in the leg. He and two other fighters were captured on October 8 and taken to an old one-room schoolhouse in La Higuera.

The next day, October 9, a helicopter flew in a man called “Felix Ramos” who wore the uniform of a Bolivian officer. “Ramos” took charge of the prisoner. Two hours later, Che Guevara and both other guerrillas were executed in cold blood. A look around the peasant village of La Higuera that day would have left no doubt who was responsible.

The U.S. Hand

The weapons and equipment of the killers were “Made in the U.S.A”. The Bolivian officer who took Guevara prisoner had been trained at Fort Bragg–at a U.S. school for army coups, murder and counterinsurgency. And the man in charge at the scene, “Captain Ramos,” was a veteran CIA field agent, Felix Rodriguez.
For years, the U.S. government had armed the Bolivian military and riddled it with their paid agents. As soon as Guevara’s new guerrilla force was discovered, Washington sent new teams of CIA and Green Berets killers into Bolivia–including Rodriguez and his fellow agent “Gonzalez.” U.S. transport planes arrived loaded with more arms, radio equipment, and napalm.

Rodriguez, who was masquerading as a Bolivian army captain, had previously led a CIA death squad in Vietnam. Later, this same Felix Rodriguez would be personally appointed by George Bush to be the key CIA operative at El Salvador’s Ilopango Air Force base during the 1980s, where Rodriguez oversaw the CIA’s notorious cocaine-for-arms airflights.

On October 9, 1967, it was Rodriguez who ordered that Guevara’s execution wounds should look like they were received in combat. It was Rodriguez who pocketed Che Guevara’s wristwatch as a souvenir and flew Guevara’s body to the nearby military base at Vallegrande. Early on October 11, after cutting off Guevara’s hands as evidence, the killers dumped his body in an unmarked grave near Vallegrande’s airstrip. Publicly, the Bolivian government insisted his body had been burned.

che_guevara_murdered_by_CIAThis whole operation was stamped “Made in the U.S.A”. By killing Che Guevara and his fellow guerrillas, the rulers of the United States intended to send a bloody message to the people of South America and the world.

Bullets in the Backyard

The U.S. ruling class has always viewed Latin America as its “backyard” and they have used armed force against anyone who challenged them there.

U.S. forces labeled Pancho Villa a bandit and murdered Sandino in Nicaragua. They overturned elected governments–including the murder of Chilean president Salvador Allende and 30,000 people in 1973. Dozens of bloody invasions and aggressions over the last century maintained U.S. control of Panama, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Central America. And in the last decade, they have mobilized their squads of CIA agents, advisers and “anti-drug” troops to fight against the people’s war led by the Communist Party of Peru.

While they oppressed the people of Latin America, the U.S. rulers have also threatened any foreign powers who tried to make their own inroads there–starting with their arrogant “Monroe Doctrine” of 1823. The U.S. declared its right to seize Cuba and Puerto Rico from Spain in 1898. In the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, they deployed troops, naval armadas and death squads to prevent Soviet social-imperialism from “getting a beachhead on the mainland of the Americas.” More recently, they imposed NAFTA to tighten their grip on the people of Mexico and to shut Japanese and European imperialists out.

In the 1960s, at the time of Che’s final campaign in Bolivia, the U.S. pursued these policies with a vengeance. These were times, as Mao Zedong  wrote, U.S. imperialism looked like a “paper tiger…panic-stricken at the mere rustle of leaves in the wind.” A great wave of rebellion and revolution challenged the U.S. in Asia, Africa and Latin America. And the USSR had stepped out, as a new imperialist rival, to take advantage of the U.S. difficulties.

Killers document their own crime

Killers document their own crime

President John F. Kennedy responded with bloody means. He sent a CIA fleet to land at Bay of Pigs in 1961 to attempt to overthrow the popular revolution in Cuba. He started the flow of troops and “advisors” into southern Vietnam to fight the national liberation movement there.

New CIA-run armies were organized. The Green Berets were founded. U.S. training schools were cranking out torturers, coup-makers and counterrevolutionaries. Many places throughout the world were seeded with U.S.-trained agents and killers.

And on October 9, 1967, those forces executed Che Guevara and his followers in that tiny village of La Higuera.

The Soldiers of Destinys´ time bomb to utterly destroy the people of Ireland.


Hairshirt Budget cancllation.Three billion Euros found in Brian (the younger) Lenehan´s pocket.!


Seanie and Fingers take the hit.

PS to mute the background music and enjoy the videos, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on the small grey box.

"Bertie" Bartholmew Ahern shot dead in Spain.

Bartholmew “Bertie” Ahern, the former Taoiseach of the Republic of
Ireland has been shot dead  on the Costa Del Sol in Spain.
His mercedes went out of control when an assassin targeted his vehicle
on a lonely stretch of road on the outskirts of Marbella.
Mr Ahern died instantly from a  hail of bullets fired  from an
automatic weapon.The driver of the vehicle has been hospitalized with
serious but non fatal injuries. As a result of the impact when the car
veered off the road and hit a wall.
Mr Ahern had made no secret of his ambition as a presidential
candidate,on the retirement of the incumbent officeholder,Mary Mc
Mr Ahern was believed to be on en-route to  the La Scala five star
Golf & Country club for a special meeting with a group of Irish
developers currently residing there, to discuss  the completion of a
large number of mothballed development projects in the Dublin region.
It is believed that extra taxpayer funding  from NAMA ,the new Irish
toxic loans agency, was on the table; and a number of Russian
investors with links to the global pharmaceutical distribution
business were also interested in providing finance.
Mr Ahern was acting as a special envoy from Brian Cowan to facilitate
the rehabilitation  of these expatriate former builders, and encourage
them to return to Ireland bringing  their valuable expertise back to
help kick start the moribund economy.
Unofficial police sources in Marbella have indicated that witnesses
observed a woman passenger leaving the scene of the crash, which was
close to a red light district frequented by eastern European
prostitutes. However Irish Embassy sources indicate that Mr Ahern was
accompanied on the trip by a russian interpreter.
There is intense speculation surrounding the shooting.The suspect list
is endless according to Garda sources.Thousands of businessmen have
been ruined by the  Ponzi style property bubble in Ireland which was
facilitated by all of the banks.Some have committed suicide.
.Russian “hit men” can be hired on the Costa for as little as 1000 euros..

The Soldiers of Destiny crisis meeting.


Negative equity.


Any negative equity victims for suicide, this Christmas?

NB.If you want to watch this youtube video and listen to Pat Kenny, you can stop the background music by clicking on the small  grey  sound control box at the very bottom of the page.


Prime Minister as CEO (According to the Washington Speakers Bureau) :

Leading the turnaround of an entire country is akin to the constant evolution companies and organizations must undergo to remain competitive. Bertie Ahern dedicated his career to re-inventing his country’s economic and political stakes in global affairs. He persuaded his fellow politicians and citizens to accept short-term sacrifices to achieve long-term gain. His ability to persuade his constituents to follow his vision provides lessons for even the most seasoned executives. In this thought-provoking presentation, Ahern describes:

· His approach to developing and executing a successful long-term vision
· How to persuade employees, customers and stakeholders to participate and embrace change
· What every leader must do to achieve large-scale success
· How to successfully bring people with you by building consensus..('Benchmarking' and 95 billion Euros worth of toxic debt )

Fianna Fail´s "New and fairer Ireland"


Ryanair boss takes no prisoners.

By Don Lavery

Sunday November 29 2009

RYANAIR boss Michael O'Leary has rubbished former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern as a "feckless ditherer" who presided over the Celtic Tiger economy -- the benefits of which have all been "pissed away" -- and he called for the Seanad to be shut down and all senators sacked.

Mr O'Leary said "My dog has more influence then a senator. I would shut it down and sack them all."

The colourful head of Ryanair hit out at his favourite betes noires in a wide-ranging interview on RTE's Marian Finucane Show. Topics included the Government's airport tax, Aer Lingus, "idiot politicians", and the Dublin Airport Authority

Mr O'Leary said he didn't go to the recent three-day think-in of businessmen with Irish roots from around the world at Farmleigh, saying it could have been accomplished in four hours with 20 people around a table. He criticised senior civil servants, saying they were useless and that their indolence and incompetence were legendary. He said any money the Government had made from the Celtic Tiger had been "pissed away", that no money had been put aside, and that we had a shambolic and over-staffed health service.

"We deserve what we get," he said, referring to the election success of Bertie Ahern, who "would stick a knife in me if he could".

On a familiar theme, he again attacked the Government's airport tax and the building of the new terminal at Dublin Airport, which Ryanair had offered to build at no cost to the taxpayer for €200m -- but the final bill was now going to be €1.3bn, he claimed.

"We made a complete balls of it and now we are asking tourists to pay for it," he said.

He said the DAA should pay for it as they had plenty of assets, while Cork and Shannonairports should also be sold off. "The only way out of this mess is to get more tourists in instead of this crazy tourist tax," he said.

He also said it was highly unlikely that Ryanair would make another bid for Aer Lingus. "We'll let them mismanage Aer Lingus for the next two years and they will then come to ask us to rescue it," he said. He called for the scrapping of 1,000 government "quangos" -- such as theEquality Authority, which he said was "a complete waste of time", and the National Consumer Agency, which Mr O'Leary described as "complete bloody rubbish" -- to save €8bn.

He also proposed a 20pc cut in social welfare payments, a 20pc cut in staffing levels in the public service, and a 40-hour week and 20 days' holiday a year for public sector workers. Mr O'Leary said he had no interest in personal publicity, had no personal email address, and had taken his family on holidays to the Algarve by Ryanair.

Saying the airline had "frightened the crap" out of other European airlines, he said the one country where they did not get support was Ireland.

He said any flaws in the airline were due to his "deformed personality", but he expected to be gone from Ryanair in two or three years, and would like to spend more time with his children.

- Don Lavery

Sunday Independent

Help build up a full profile of Ireland's ghost developments.

If you live near a ghost -or almost ghost-estate, or commercial development take a few pictures and upload to the new site; and help build up a not so pretty picture of Ireland's legacy bequeathed to the taxpayers for coming generations by the grasping political ghouls in government buildings; the Soldiers of Destiny. 

A con man among a party of conmen.!


The core of the 4 billion tax dilemma

It´s a no brainer Brian-what the fu*k! These people have to be your victims.! The lady gave it to you for free.No fancy consultants needed.

Help cut the Garda overtime bill this Christmas.

Home in on the bargains, this festive season.
Shop in Sainsbury´s Newry Co Down,this Xmas, and save! save! save!
 unbelievable Sterling prices. Only a one hour drive from Dublin.
And help drive this government from office.
Less tax Revenue for government-means less Garda overtime.
Less money for Civil Servants.  Do your patriotic duty.!
Issued by:  "The Citizens For More    Jail Spaces   And less    Templemore Garda Spaces  Campaign Group".
in conjunction with  Newry Chamber of Commerce

An estimated 250,000 households in the Republic are now regularly doing their grocery shopping in the North, up 25 per cent since the end of last year, according to new figures.

There has also been a major increase in cross-border alcohol shopping, the latest figures from market research firm Nielsen Ireland show.

Off-licence sales in the North have risen by 30 per cent in the year to August, while off-sales in the South are down by seven per cent.

Separately, figures compiled by InterTrade Ireland, a north-south business development body, show the proportion of southern-registered cars in shopping centre car parks in Newry, Enniskillen and Derry has increased from 40-50 per cent over the summer to 70 per cent now.

Meanwhile south of the border law and order has broken down in every town from Tralee to Tipperary.Assaults on honest citizens,widespread thieft,organized shoplifting,and armed robbery is  the norm.It would appear that the Gardai have been instructed to ignore everything criminal but the high level heists such as so called "Tiger" kidnappings which imprison bank staff for ransom and empty the vaults of small banks on a regular basis.

There are no prison spaces availible for the small time thugs, thieves and drug dealers.Hence they are running riot, in the knowledge that they are virtually untouchable.! 

The irish police force "An Garda Siochana", must be the most overpaid and inefficient law enforcement body in Europe. 

Confessions of an economic "hit man" working for corporate America.

Civil war, civil strife:The Soldiers of Destiny, and Nostrodamus predictions 2009-2015 recorded on video.

Jim Power, chief Economist with Friends First, said that the International Monetary fund is the only solution to Ireland's dilemma, due to the lack of political backbone among politicians who have no guts for civil strife by challenging powerful interests and implementing wage and pension cuts in the public sector.We outlined  today's grim scenario in a youtube video while bertie was lavishing money upon the electorate, and  long before others foresaw it.

The "Limousines for the boys" golden circle, and Michael "fiasco" Dempsey´s Australian holiday.


Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey  (Minister for Provisional driving licence "U turn")  has been responsible for costs of €38,000 during eight foreign forays since January last year.

A journey to London for a number of engagements in January last year involved €1,326 being paid out for one day's use of a limo. The firm involved is run by Terry Gallagher, the son of former Fianna Fail Gaeltacht Minister Denis Gallagher.

Flights for Mr Dempsey's trip to Australia in March 2008 for the "St Patrick's Day junket" celebrations , cost almost €9,000. En route, Mr Dempsey availed of VIP services at Frankfurt airport for €565. During a stop-off in Singapore, Mr Dempsey stayed one night at the Shangri La Hotel (an old favourite of Martin Cullen and his mot) at a cost of €943. Car hire and VIP coach transfers in Singapore cost €513.

Mr Dempsey's journey continued to Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Chauffeur and car hire costs during Mr Dempsey's nine days in Australia came to over €6,500.

He spent two nights at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra, at €395 per night; one night at the Brisbane Hilton for €308; and three nights at the Shangri La hotel, Sydney, for €339 per night. Mr Dempsey claimed €1,000 in subsistence expenses.

On the return journey, Mr Dempsey availed of VIP lounges at Sydney airport, at a cost of €181, and London Heathrow, for €208. Cufflinks worth €145 were also bought for the trip.

Irish unemployed to pay for Seanie´s international property speculation: Welfare cuts looming in Fianna Fail Budget.

The Gardai: Ireland´´s police force..


Save a life-your own get an annual PSA blood test.It costs about 40 Euros in your local hospital laboratory.

Mary Hearney, Fianna Fail, and the bloated multi-million Euro
salaried executives/government croniesin the-as usual-
grandious named monster Quango called the "HSE"
 (Health Service Executive),
has probably killed more people in Irish hospitals and nursing
homes, than Prostate Cancer.Only in the past year was a 
costly advertising campaign mounted on TV.
(more taxpayers money for another overmanned and over
salaried  government media agency that screws taxpayers
every year for a  costly licence to watch government 
propaganda )
This extravaganza advertisement alerts the public that this
(all male) cancer, is more widespread than breast cancer (women).
All males over 50 on the data base of private health insurance
companies could be cheaply and effectively targeted,
(and warned of the consequences of not getting an 
annual blood test) with a direct mail campaign for the cost of 
a postage stamp per life saved.Such a letter would have include
the name of each recipient on the top for added effect.
Incredibly,1 in 12 men will die from this Cancer worldwide.
It need not be you.
If you are over 50 years of age get the PSA test-today!

Bad news for "The Bull O'Donoghue"

Those of you who have the feeling that the nation of Ireland has long been governed by the Kingdom of Kerry;specifically; the 'Bull O'Donoghue, and Jackie Healy Rae & siblings;-we have good news for you.
A house in Tralee,Co Kerry has recorded levels of the radioactive gas radon at almost 70 times the recommended level.
Almost certainly,there are thousands of homes  in Kerry in the same situation.
Radon ranks as a class 1 carcinogen.
The crafty Kerry men have made an art of feigning idiocy by disseminating "Kerry jokes" during recent decades.
 Maybe the "Kerry joke" is on the cute Kerry men after all..? 
Will the next budget include a subsidy for all Kerry men to Radon-proof their one-off  McMansions and holiday homes on the Magilliacuddy Reeks? 

Special offer from Mark Engler.!

I wanted to write you about some exciting sit-ins for universal heath care that my brother Paul and the folks at the Center for the Working Poor are helping to organize. But first, I want to mention a special offer…

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You thought Hearney's HSE was bad..don't get ill in America!


Let's Tell Our Story of Health Care
By Paul Engler


The health care stories that have dominated the press over the summer have been of angry protesters at town hall meetings. These protesters are driven by unrealistic fears of a "government takeover," not by what is actually happening. "Government death panels are going to pull the plug on grandma, and socialized medicine is going to make you die waiting in the emergency room for care." Many do not realize that millions of dollars from insurance companies have gone into mobilizing these very scared people. Numerous cleverly funded groups have literally done polling to find what people are most scared of and then they mobilized them to protest against any reform. You can see their names--Conservatives for Patient Rights, Freedom Works, and Americans for Prosperity--on all the protest signs, and all the busses that carry them.

The complaints about Medicare--the biggest existing government-run health care program--denying care are almost nonexistent in comparison. Strangely, many among the angry town hall protesters shout or carry signs that say “keep your government hands off of my Medicare.” These people apparently don’t realize that Medicare is a government program, a very popular one at that. In fact, a new poll actually says that 39 percent of the public do not know Medicare is a government program. And, in contrast to wild fears about government "death panels," complaints about denial of care concerning Medicare--an actual existing government-run health care program--are almost nonexistent.


But the thing that saddens me is that the real stories are not leading the debate. The real death panels are the insurance companies that already deny care to sick people everyday. Most families have a story to tell about the horrors of private health insurance. Twenty-two percent of medical claims to California's biggest insurance companies are denied. The chances are that an insurance company has denied you care sometime in your past. For example, my fellow volunteer at the Center, Sam Pullen, is like millions in America who have a family member who was denied treatment by insurance companies. Even though he grew up as the child of an affluent doctor, whose family was covered by expensive health insurance, his mother who was dying of cancer had to fight her insurance company for coverage of her essential care throughout her final years.

I have a story of my own which is one of the legends of my family. When I was 12, I had a freak accident at a party over at a friend’s house. A toy ice cream cone that we were throwing around hit my eye at just the right angle creating what in medical terms is called hyphema--a painful injury in which the eye socket fills with blood and creates tremendous pressure on the eye ball, obscuring vision for days with a threat of permanent loss of sight. There was such an intense pain in my eye that I crawled to the bathroom to peer in the mirror. When I saw my eye socket filled with blood, I screamed in shock.

My brothers and some friends rushed me over to the hospital, because we were all scared I might lose my eyesight. There were a few minutes of rushed information exchanged with the hospital administrators about my mom's insurance and my condition, then an examination from a nurse, who cringed at the condition of my eye. The eye might be lost they declared, but I was not eligible for treatment because it was not considered an emergency and my mom was not there. That night my single mom was at a funeral in rural Wisconsin, and we could not get a hold of her over the phone. My oldest brother was 17, and although he was my caretaker at the moment, he was not my legal guardian. For fear of a variety of problems related to our American private health insurance system, the hospital said that I was not to be treated.

My condition seemed to be getting worse, and the horror that I was likely to loose my eye set in. I had a panic attack and curled up in a ball, hyperventilating on the hospital floor. My brother and a handful of his gang of high school friends started a spontaneous and unplanned form of protest in which they all engaged in a yelling match with the hospital administrators behind the desk. The whole emergency room was lit up with screaming, arguing, and confrontation as I was crying and hyperventilating for what seemed like ages on the cold tile floor. 

After a half an hour or so, to placate all the commotion, they put us in a private waiting room for an hour until a doctor examined me. The doctor immediately pronounced my condition an emergency. Indeed, I needed treatment to save my eye, and he apologized profusely for the conduct of the hospital administrators. So that my eye could be stabilized, I had to lay in a hospital bed with my head still and blinded with bandages on both eyes for a week. That night my brother Francis slept in a chair by my hospital bed as I passed out in exhaustion from the aftermath of such trauma.

My story is a uniquely American story because in any other industrialized democracy it would never have happened. I would have gotten treatment immediately. Hospital administrators would not have been scared about the insurance companies not paying, or have been overloaded by this system that leaves millions without insurance in the emergency room.

So it was very emotional for me when, after leaving my job to give my life to service at the Center, my older brother scolded me for not having health insurance. This was one of my biggest fears of living a simple life in solidarity with the poor. Me and the other full-time volunteers at the Center are like over 50 million people who are poor, unemployed, or  have "preexisting conditions" in America--we cannot get health insurance. I now can speak with experience about the conditions for the uninsured.

I have used the free clinic system in Los Angeles since forming the Center, and it has been remarkably good to me in my yearly or so visits to the doctor. But my visit to the emergency room at the Los Angeles county hospital is a whole different story. The reason people go to the emergency room is that they need care immediately--but few except the ones with gaping wounds are treated. Most of the others are left to wait in pain in lines for so long that the emergency rooms seem like miserable refugee camps on the edges of a war zone. Hundreds wait, sick and feverish, in the cramped halls of the hospital. There are many lines, with no one to direct you from line to line. Many get lost in the system--lines to get a card, lines to get a number, lines to check your status, lines to see a doctor, lines for the bathroom, lines for information, and a line for security. 

This confused and huddled mass of patients is one of the most incredible scenes of pain and suffering I have ever experienced in the US. And it is there everyday, anytime, for anyone to witness. People are gathered together in groups that naturally form when you are forced into such inhospitable conditions for hours. There is a unique atmosphere there, like in the midst of a natural disaster, when the usual norms of human conduct no longer apply, and people revert to basic survival instincts as they wait for literally 12 to 24 hours without leaving one room with hundreds of people in it.  People form a sense of community from the common suffering, and there many acts of random kindness to each other. There are also dozens of desperate people who erupt in bursts of anger, yelling, and complaining as they struggle for survival and care. As I waited, I kept on asking, "How long is this wait time?" No one but my fellow patients seemed to care enough to answer. "This line or the next or all together? I have been waiting for 12 hours."  Yet this is nothing. Once when I was staying at the Catholic Worker in Houston (a city which has the longest emergency room waits in the country), I met a severely famished and sickly AIDS patient who had camped out for two days in the emergency room before being seen by a doctor.


It makes me so mad.


At the Center a few weeks ago, we helped lead a local protest for health care reform that was part of a day of actions in almost every city in America. Over 300 people gathered outside of our senator’s office, sharing "health care horror stories" of abuse at the hands of private insurance companies, and singing movement songs to maintain a nonviolent presence. Kai, our new full time worker at the Center, declared, "This is not enough." "The tea baggers are stealing the show and defining the debate in the media," he said, "we need to have hundreds get arrested in non-violent civil disobedience to put our stories in the spotlight." "And this is what we know how to do," he finished. I have to admit--at first, I thought he was crazy. We have no money, and few resources. But after just a few weeks of networking, it became clear that many are interested in the idea, and a few were calling us to make it happen.

"What if?" we thought… What if we did something on the scale the civil rights activists did to revive their movement in 1960 when the segregationists had taken over the debate with ridiculous lies and political maneuvering? A few small groups of activist students sat down at lunch counters in downtown stores in Greensboro then Nashville then Atlanta--and then it spread like wildfire to cities all across the South. Everyone has a story, and it is time for our stories to be told--not about hyped-up fears of government tyranny but about all the pain and suffering that is already happening because of greedy insurance corporations and our broken healthcare system that denies people care.


So here is the plan. I recommended watching this wonderful YouTube video we put together:  

You can also read more at:

Poor farmers, new tractor cavalcade!

The Bertie biography-out at last (not the book-the boll*x!).

The Bertie Ahern biography and Pat Kenny interview on RTE.
An open letter to Pat Kenny and other snivelling sycophants in the media..If you would not buy a used car
 from him?-if not -why buy his biography waffle.Who wants to read about an Irish version of  Mr Mugabe.
Dear Mr Kenny,
"In your day,you have interviewed: " Bertie", "Charlie", "Seanie",
(Fitz)  "Rody", and  "Liamie" (Lawlor) and every nasty class of  dog
with a pet name like a friendly poodle.
 Why do the biggest scoundrels in the nation all have "pet names".?
If fools in Brazil or Bogota wish to pay the Washington Speakers
Bureau huge sums, to listen to discredited Irish politicians lecturing
them on how to create an "economic powerhouse" in Latin America then
as the Danes say:"The last fool has not been born yet". 
No problem.
However I and many thousands of good citizens of this island (Ireland)
strongly resent being unwillingly treated to similar showmanship-and
having to pay for the dubious privilege.
 Your salary scales in RTE are very high.Some would say
obscene.Particularly as we  listners (or non listeners)- are fined or
jailed, for refusing to finance your unnecessary public financed radio
and TV stations
Perhaps there is an unspoken agreement therefore; between your
political paymasters and yourselves, to the effect that ordinary
citizens who bankroll you both to such a degree that you continue to
prosper happily when independent television stations are making
cutbacks;- must suffer the indignity of listening to the formerly
highest public representative in the country; waffling about his
autobiography.I This man would be a social pariah were he living in
Bombay or Beijing.
He would not be getting free publicity on the national radio and TV
station. He would be rightfully boycotted.
If a lie must be called an "untruth" in "Dail-Eireann speak: fair enough.
I put it to you Mr Kenny, that a liar and a scoundrel; or an
"untruther" and a scoundrel, has no place on your TV programme.
 No more than Ray Burke has; nor Liam Lawlor; nor C.J. Haughey, would
have were they still offending us by their earthly presence-
 were either of them to be exhumed, and revivified, from the putrid
soil which probably nourished flowers before their remains were placed

Corruption in political life is not a "Game" as Ahern has often
described his admittedly canny, successful career in buying enough
votes to get re-elected three times in a row.

The 5000 taxi drivers he bought in his Dublin constituency 25 years
ago caused havoc with a shortage of public transport for years.
His later reverse tack to save his own hide from Mata Hearney, has led
to chaos and poverty today for many in the same industry.
The taxes  he misused to" buy " the last two elections with, has led
to people actually dying while waiting for hospital treatment
(remember Susie Long).
I have no doubt that reflection rarely crosses his mind.
The day of reckoning has arrived for his party, and not only is the
kitty empty-but his Dept of Finance cronies are borrowing money to pay
public sector wages while planning cutbacks in social welfare and new
stealth taxes helpfully disguised as "Green" taxes by the now
universally despised Gormley Gang.
Further cutbacks in Health are almost inconceivable, so bad is the
situation at present (It never really changed during his three terms
in office.)
That overpaid ass*ole Tubridy would interview Jack the Ripper to try
and get back a few of the viewers who used to watch the late late
show, and now turn off RTE everymorning between 9 and 10 am. 
Your own programme Mr Kenny has always
been entertaining while  serious and probing, asking the right
You would greatly enhance your already high status with those of us
who listen to your broadcasts regularly were you to decline
interviewing this obnoxious politician, Ahern,who believes he can 
still strut the stage like an ostrich, totally shameless and unrepentant.
                   Yours etc,

If you have just arrived on the Island of Ireland from another planet..

You will want to leave again pronto, if you read the litany of criminality, waste and corruption that we have documented here on this site on behalf of Fianna Fail;- the party that has used Ireland's wealth and resources( i.e.the taxpayers own money) to selectively enrich sectional groups and the members of powerful public service unions within our unequal society; thereby  "buying" their way back into political power- three times in a row. 
Now the corrupt politicians want the money back!, tthe country is bankrupt, and new taxes on  the unemployed;the poor; the sick; and the handicapped; cannot fill the vast abyss in public finances which results in the Exchequer borrowing billions of euros every year  just to pay the bloated and inefficient public sector wage bill, and provide retired civil servants, teachers, and Gardai, with bloated pensions secured on the poverty of  productive, private sector workers.Meanwhile crooked irresponsible bankers who treated their organizations as private speculative treasure chests; to purchase gambling casinos in China (Macau) and centre city islands on the Danube etc. for development; are freely strutting the golf courses of Marabella having pocketed vast retirement pensions after leaving shareholders penniless.!

Fianna Fail's historic and greatest grand scam.Nobody cares.

Nobel prize winning economist  Professor Joe Stiglitz, condemn's Brian Lenehan's NAMA as "Highway robbery" of taxpayers of Ireland.

This indictment is the 'gold standard" of proof that Fianna Fail must be removed from office by people protest.
The winner of the world's most prestigious award, says,in effect, that Brian Lenehan and his party are cheats, scoundrels and highway robbers. What's new?
Why are the streets not blocked with protesting citizens.? What does it take for people to realize the hardship which is being foisted on them in the name of bankers, big developers, and bondholders.?
For God's sake wake up you people.You have children who will suffer for this, for many many years to come.

Bertie tells all in new autobiography: "The Fugitive"

The reviews:

The miserable legacy of: "Bertie", "Charlie:, "Rody", & "Liamie" (Lawlor) and "Seanie"(Fitzpatrick). 
Why did we always  have "Pet names" for the biggest wankers/gangsters in the nation.? 

Monday October 12 2009 Irish Independent.

"I see from Bertie Ahern's autobiography that he laments not spending more time with his family, and not having worked harder at his marriage. I agree so much with him.

We would have missed so little. I am least sentimental about the Charlie years -- blank cheques and all the GUBU stuff.

Perhaps if Bertie had been a better husband we might not have had the 'culture' of politics he worked so hard to cultivate. The public service ethos he fostered of appointing people, not for money, but because they are friends. For this we have Neary-style bank regulation,  FAS-like ethical governance, and O'Donoghue-type endless waffle and making excuses when caught.

Yes, all of this is down to Bertie. Every time he walked intoDublin Castle with a jack-a-nory about how he came by money, every time he dragged out the process of investigation, every time he declared himself a martyr, every time he blamed the media for questioning how business is done, he laid down the cultural foundations for the way public administration is performed in this country.

Bertie Ahern is to anti-government what Martin Luther Kingwas to civil rights.

The miserable legacy Bertie, Charlie, Seanie, Rody, Liamie (Lawlor) have left is clear: if in doubt, waffle, obfuscate, threaten injunctions, and if all else fails, cry martyr.

I wish so much he'd loved his wife more back then. I wish dearly I could make it that he never wanted to leave her side. Perhaps all is not lost, perhaps there is some redemption -- maybe he might consider donating all the proceeds from his book to the voluntary groups in Dublin Central that are about to have their funding cut. He might also consider another thing -- the problem with the media in this country is not that they ask too many questions, but too few, and only Bertie knows how true this is.

Declan Doyle
Lisdowney, Ballyragget "

JC Decaux's-sexy cool urinal cabinettes cater for country's courting couples.!

Some outfit called "JC Decaux" (anybody know them?) has been traversing
 the country  for the past 5 years installing "Superloo's" in every town square
 in the land at enormous expense to the sufferin taxpayers..
Here are three of the stories, perhaps some enterprising journalist could find out how many
 and how much money has been spent on these portable urinal boxes -all of which appear to
 have extremely lucrative contractual arrangements in place for the next 25 years.!
The same outfit has negotiated a deal with Dublin City Council to locate hundreds of lucrative advertising hoardings around Dublin for free-if they,
 in turn provide a few hundred bicycles for gurriers to vandalize and foolhardy citizens to kamikaze around the city on.!!
There must be a few strokes or backhanders somewhere in all this are these guys "JC Decaux" big contributors to the Fianna Fail election fund?
More stuff here:

Paradise lost- Paradise regained

We bring you a recorded re election speech from our archives.  The former Taoiseach, Bart Ahern,  inadvertently
 omitted this memorable recording from his recently published autobiography. If you want to puke-listen..

More Fianna Fail frolics in der Fuhrer bunker


Brian Lenehan appointed caretaker of an island in the Danube.

Irish get Hungary for property business 

You probably never heard of Margareth island.In Hungary it's called Margit sziget.

It is not as remote as

Inishvickillane-the now grave-rotten CJ Haughey's, former island retreat, off the

Kerry Coast.

In fact it's in the heart of Budapest. There are no red deer running wild in

Margaret Island.There are no reds of any kind in Budapest any more, but the

capitalist targeted island will cost the irish taxpayer dear.

It's only one of many exotic properties in locations around the world which is

now in the custodianship of our Minister for Finance Brian Lenehan

(on your behalf! ).

He is also the caretaker of gambling casinos in Macau (China),derelict power

stations in Battersea (London) and skyscrapers in Shanghai.

Many of them are part owned by our one and only Seanie Fitz and his cronies.

Seanie raised funds from all over the globe for himself and his friends to set

out on a spectacular,speculative, global spending spree. It all went bottoms up.

Schoolchildren,sick citizens, and social welfare recipients

living on the island of Ireland will pay back this money in the decade to come.


Several of the country’s top bankers, along with dozens of other

high-profile  business figures, have

emerged as investors behind this €100 million property  project in

the heartof the Hungarian capitalof Budapest in 2008.

Funds raised two years ago by former Goodbody Corporate

Finance executive Mark O’Donovan were

planned for a joint venture to build apartments, offices and a marina

on Margaret Island (Margit sziget), a 2.5 km-long island in the middle of

the Danube in Budapest.

The island is mainly parkland and a leisure area and any part of it is

much-sought-after real estate.


It is understood planning permission has already been obtained

for the project and the developers were close to beginning work on the site.

A company called Danube Bay Property Holdings owns most of the

Irish shares.

Companies Office records show that its shareholders include former AIB

executives Tom Mulcahy

and Gary Kennedy, Ulster Bank chief executive Cormac McCarthy and

his head of corporate and commercial lending Robert Gallagher.

It also includes Anglo Irish Bank chairman Sean FitzPatrick, Fexco executive

John Nagle,

Michael Maughan’s Gowan Group, builders John and George Herbert Sisk,

the part owner of the

Queens bar in Dalkey in Dublin along with Mulcahy, Gerry O’Farrell,

Duolog Technologies executive Ray Bulger and around 40 others.

The biggest single shareholding is held by a company called Budapest

Property Opportunity Holding Company Ltd with a 14 per cent stake.

Mr Lenehan's unhappy task is to sell these disaster laden projects off, for a

song; to global financial predators who will be happy to discount their

previous cost by 80/90% and take them off the hands

of the Irish taxpayer's representative (Mr Lenehan).Perhaps some of them

(the buyers) will be the same people who loaned Seanie the money to buy

them in the first place..

Seanie will never see the inside of a jail. "Respectable" irish citizens

(i.e. anybody who wear a shirt and tie) do not go to prison in Ireland.

One crooked developer,Patrick Gallagher did time certainly on the

Island of Ireland, but that was in a different jurisdiction..


Ireland has tolerated a culture of poor standards and weak regulation in its financial services sector. It took sensational revelations at the tribunals and ground-breaking investigative journalism to uncover some of the scandals. Others remained a secret, known only to informed insiders. A tradition of silence and evasion prevailed. Driven by an insatiable hunger for profits, some bankers had taken huge risks. But whistleblowers were unwilling to remain silent, and they revealed the murky details, exposing sinister banking practices. Simon Carswell opens with one of the most colourful rogues in the history of Irish banking, Ken Bates - the same Ken Bates who sold Chelsea FC to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.Back in the mid-1970s he was the owner of the Irish Trust Bank which went bust owing IR Punt4 million, leaving more than 1,200 depositors with the loss of their savings. "Something Rotten" also charts the collapse of Patrick Gallagher's Merchant Banking and the state's bail-out of AIB's Insurance Corporation of Ireland in the mid-1980s; the ousting of Edmund Farrell as managing director of the Irish Permanent Building Society, as well as scandals involving the country's major banks - not to mention DIRT, Ansbacher, AIB's rogue trader in the US and the recent overcharging revelations that have tarnished the reputation of the Irish banking sector. All the scams were either encouraged or tolerated by a banking system that was seriously compromised. "Something Rotten" takes a hard look at that culture and at the controversies it generated. 

The vaults of Anglo Irish Bank are empty. An estimated 90 billion Euros has gone missing, writes Jerry Adams

 "The citizens own bank "

The historic heist:

A large number of  unmasked men were seen entering the premises . There was no sign of forced entry. A high ranking official of Anglo-Irish who  clearly visible on security cameras  opening doors and greeting the gang. It has been established that the massive heist was  an inside job.

Bernard McNamara, Liam Carroll, Noel Smyth, Ken Rohan,David Daly , Thomas Jenning  Bill McCabe.  Sean Dunne are among the known associates of the principal suspect one Seanie Fitzpatrick.The IRA are anxious to "interview' Mr Fitzpatrick,( if the fraud squad ever finish interviewing him  ).

“This bank was systematically looted by a Mafia with close links to Fianna Fail” said Jerry Adams a spokesperson for the  Ulster based charity “Friends of the Northern Bank”

. “ How are our members expected to solicit donations from  Irish Republic, based banks,in the future, when the B*stards in charge , have already cleaned them out” he continued.