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Nation wide protest must boycott the new taxes.

A letter from a lowly paid civil servant to Brian Lenehan.

"Why cut public service again, do u know what the lower paid earn, people on welfare get more, there are too many higher paid public servants e g grade 7s and 8s and over , it's ridiculous that the actual workers most earn pittance get cut while the higher grades who dont actually work on front line get to have disposable income. There is simply too many higher earners earning 60000 plus in public service, I should know, I'm 20 Years there now, I earn 40,000 but take home less than someone on private sector on the same salary thanks to the pension levy, 7 1/2% less to be exact. If we get cut again, we may as well go on welfare and claim all benefits available invl medical cards, mortgage, bills etc. Just like everyone else is."

                                                        (name withheld)

Fianna Fail´s NAMA-the perfect vehicle to facilitate their crony developers abscounding with much of their obscene wealth intact!!


(Irish Independent October 9th)

Mr Brian Lenihan included a provision in the NAMA legislation to give the bad bank power to "set aside" or reverse transactions that favoured family members and allowed developers to avoid using them to repay their debts. 

But it is now clear that this will only apply to assets in a developer's name after December 2009. ??

In recent years a number of high-profile builders have transferred properties into their spouses' names. 

Bernard McNamara, who has debts of more than €1bn, transferred his shareholding in one of his companies to his wife Moira in September 2009.

Builder Seamus Ross, of Menolly Homes, put three Dublin properties into his wife's name between February and July 2009. Gerry Gannon, who part-owns the K Club golf resort in Co Kildare, also transferred properties into his wife Margaret's name last year. Other developers, including Joe O'Reilly, who built the Dundrum Shopping Centre, and Liam Carroll, also put properties in their wives' names last year.

There is no suggestion these transfers were made to avoid paying debts now in NAMA. 

Well thats that aint it!

Game set amd match to the obscenely rich (still) expatriate developers.enjoy the golf in Marbella boys,meanwhile people are dying daily back  in Ireland, for want of access to hospital services as the government begins to pay back your debts

Fianna Fail connected Irish developers tee off in Portugal and Spain-thanks to their wives good fortune.!


Our great stout swilling leader has a four year plan.! ("The Great Leap Forward"?)

 The closer this government gets to its end the fuller of grandiose new dreams its busy propaganda spinners are.

Last week we had a plan to create 300,000 new jobs during the next four hairshirt years of suffering,deprivation and penury for the citizens of Ireland who have not left for distant shores.

. The plan was conjured up by Mr Cowan's spin doctors in the Goebbels Memorial Institute in government buildings. It will be a "great leap forward" Stalinist like, " four year plan.

Take for example our tourist industry-probably one of the few areas where we have it within our power to generate wealth and jobs:

 A powerful lobby group of Irish hoteliers are
currently demanding the closure of a plethora of bankrupt hotels/golf
course/spa, country clubs, built during the so called “Celtic Tiger
era”, with generous tax breaks funded by the taxpayer citing unfair

Why should this proposal be entertained. Now that the state is
controlling most of the banks is there any good reason against
permitting the same banks to manage these developments.?
Where I live in Spain,the Spanish “Paradores” are government operated
hotels for luxury accommodation in Castles, Palaces, Fortresses,
Convents, Monasteries and other historic buildings. There are also
modern hotels, built in traditional style, in areas of outstanding

These hotels can be found from Galicia in the North West through
Catalunya to Andalusia in the south of Spain, the Canary Islands and
in the Spanish cities in North Africa.

The hotels in the Parador Group were set up by the state to use
quality tourism to act as guardian of the national and artistic
heritage of Spain and to assist regions with fewer economic resources.
Guests of the Paradors receive the high standards for which the group
is renowned at prices which are very reasonable by international
Troubled developments in Ireland such as the prestigious “K club” must
be brought into mainstream affordable tourism immediately and cease to
be the playground of the rich and powerful.
In conjunction with regeneration of existing tourist facilities, the
horrendously expensive “Terminal 2” at Dublin Airport must be
mothballed and placed into a NAMA style vehicle.
For God´s sake what is another billion Euros added to the NAMA bill,
if it might be the salvation of the country?
That the current government can continue to discourage foreign
visitors from  landing in Ireland ,by  planning to systematically
increase landing charges each year in order to  make up the shortfall
of revenue to pay for this “white elephant”terminal, when we  as a
nation are facing national bankruptcy, defies logic and beggars
This week Mr Noel Dempsey was interviewed in Prime Time RTE, and he
had the gall to suggest that people booking flights on line never look
at the charges and taxes element of the cost of the ticket.
As a very frequent traveller between my home in the Canary Islands and
Ireland,I can vehemently give the lie to that statement.
The charges and taxes element of the outgoing ticket I buy from Dublin
to Gran Canaria is consistently about 38 Euros
It  frequently amounts to 50% of the cost of the ticket.
 I hope the incoming administration-when they arrive-will bring some
sanity to this kind of head-in-the-sand  stealth tax regime, which is
currently driving Ireland towards ruin.

The ones who got away.! Dont go to jail.Collect millions of Euros.

Protests in Dublin.

A bankrupt, self employed, cement lorry driver parked his lorry outside the gates of Dail Eireann to protest the loss of his livelihood..He has been arrested and charged with criminal damage.
I am quite sure that  if he is fined and opens a bank account for donations from the general public, he will find himself overwhelmed!.
PS the picture above was not taken outside Leinster House.It is a Guardia Civil car burning in Barcelona during recent protests.. If Fianna Fail think the poor lorry driver can be stamped on,they can thank their lucky stars they govern a nation of sheep-not Spanish or French workers. 

As the country implodes,the "spin" is mighty.

(left: the tooth fairy rolled out  a "statement" today at the Government Press Office )

Taoiseach Brian Cowen will today launch a jobs plan aimed at creating 300,000 new jobs over the next five years.

The plan is intended to create jobs in manufacturing, tourism and trading services. It is also designed to boost exports from Irish-

owned companies.

The Government claims the new plan, 'Trading and Investing in a Smart Economy', is the first "integrated strategy to promote overseas

 trade, tourism and investment". 

(government press release in Irish Independent 28 September 2010.)

Left: a "coffin ship" carrying young graduates from Erin to Van Diemens Land, goes down with all hands.

"Smart" economy politicians

Taoiseach Brian Cowen will today launch a jobs plan aimed at creating 300,000 new jobs over the next five years.

The plan is intended to create jobs in manufacturing, tourism and trading services. It is also designed to boost exports from Irish-

owned companies.

The Government claims the new plan, 'Trading and Investing in a Smart Economy', is the first "integrated strategy to promote overseas

 trade, tourism and investment".

News of the employment plan emerged after more bad news on the jobs front last night, with the announcement that 195 jobs are to go

 at an electronics manufacturing firm.


White Elephants all:Terminal 2 and Metro North


The Commission for Aviation Regulation prompted by Minister Noel Dempsey is going to hike the charges at Dublin airport by up to 40 % in the coming years for passengers leaving from both the old terminal and the new white elephant palace alike to pay for the escalating debt of the DAA which is estimated to reach 1 billion in the next few years.

This is on top of the existing government stealth tax levy of 10 Euros on every ticket into and out of the country..

At present the taxes and charges at Dublin airport frequently exceed the cost of a ticket.

The destruction of our tourist industry will soon be complete.

How many weekend stag party groups will fly from England to Dublin ,when they can go to Portugal or Spain for less?

I asked the European Commission to strike down this totally illegal tax two years ago as it discriminates between internal and international flights.

My petition is winding its weary wat through the Brussells bureaucracy and no doubt in another 2 years it will be outlawed-and immediately replaced by another revenue gathering imposition under another name.

By then our tourist industry will be totally destroyed.

Hotels are already suffering from new concepts such as “home exchange” organizations of which I am a member.

I have travelled the world in recent years and never had to pay a penny for accomodation or car hire.

This government has always turned to more tax to pay for its profligacy, but this time they are driving the country-not to recovery-but to utter and total ruin.

Bring the white elephant terminal at Dublin Airport under the auspices of NAMA, place a moratorium on destructive flight taxes,and give the the tourist sector a breathing space to re-invigorate itself.

Now that so many hotels and golf courses are in receivership and are being run by the banks-or controlled by the state (The K club?) surely we can attract millions of visitors from overseas with a new low priced regime.

Will your widow be able to cash in your life insurance policy when you die?

I got a letter in the post today from my life insurance company.

It is one of the best known institutions in the country.

I have been contributing to this company, each year, by direct debit, for the past thirty years of my life.!.

The total amount of money I have given then, over this long period of time, amounts to a five figure sum of  xxxxx Euros.

They have told me that my policy( if I cash it in now) is worth-guess what- aproximately the same sum- xxxxx euros!

So if I cash it in now I get back exactly all the money they have been using- and investing-on my behalf for the past thirty years.!

in reality, I get back less far less than I have given them ( in real terms ) because they have had my money to invest for the past 30 years,year after year, and they have profited absolutely nothing on my behalf with it. The value of xxxxx Euros today has no relation to the value of the money I have given them, year after year, for the past thirty years.

Thank God I am not under financial pressure to encash this policy.

If I were I would be defrauded.

The policy when encashed after my death has a value of more than double the current encashment value.

My only worry is,  will this life insurance company (the largest in the state) still be solvent and alive when I expire.?

Meltdown.For how long can the lie be maintained.?

Greek riots.

First Greece, the euro zone’s most fiscally incontinent country, was spared from default by a €110 billion ($145 billion) bail-out, mainly from other euro-zone countries, partly from the IMF. As the sovereign-debt crisis threatened Ireland, Portugal, Spain and perhaps others, a €440 billion fund, the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), was conjured up in a weekend (with promises of €250 billion more from the IMF) as a backstop for countries should they be shut out of bond markets. The three big ratings agencies gave the EFSF a AAA grade on September 20th.

The European Central Bank (ECB) has since spent more than €60 billion buying the government bonds of troubled euro-area countries to help put a cap on yields and keep markets in these bonds functioning. Countries from troubled Portugal to well-off Germany have set out plans for cutting their budget deficits. Spain has embarked 

These efforts have staved off the sense of emergency, but the euro zone’s underlying problems are not easily fixed. Investors are again demanding on reforms to free its notoriously rigid jobs market that would have seemed unthinkable a year earlier.

much higher interest rates for holding the debt of the most troubled sovereign borrowers than for German Bunds (see chart 1). Growing awareness of the likely cost of Ireland’s bank rescues is adding to market nerves. Ireland had hoped to limit its budget deficit to around 12% of GDP this year. But the European Union’s statisticians are likely to insist that an injection of capital into state-owned Anglo-Irish Bank should be included in the budget figures. That will increase the ratio to around 20%, maybe more.|hig|09-23-2010|editors_highlights

By Maeve Galvin ( Evening Herald)

Thursday September 16 2010

Councillors in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council have overwhelmingly blocked a cut in conference expenses.

A proposal by People Before Profit Councillor Hugh Lewis called for the conference budget to be dropped from just over €130,000 to €26,000 a year.

Cllr Lewis, who has never attended a conference, said that there was "no accountability" for what councillors learned at conferences and that it was one of the few areas that hadn't been cut by the budget.


The budget allows for councillors to be given a tax-free sum to cover costs. But the council came under fire when it was revealed that some councillors ran conference bills of up to €8,000 in 2008.

The council spent €94,055 on conferences and trips abroad in 2009. The Department of the Environment has ordered that an annual €4,700 cap for each councillor.

However Cllr Lewis says that this does not go far enough. His proposed reduction was the equivalent of €1,000 for every councillor excluding the two People Before Profit councillors who refuse to attend conferences which People Before Profit Councillor Richard Boyd-Barrett described as "junkets".

"We never get the merits of these conferences explained back to us, we never get a report back.

"Looking at the names of some of these conferences it is hard to see their merits," he said.

"I don't believe the public should be funding summer breaks where there are no obvious benefits to this council. It would prove a positive signal to send out given the current economic climate."

Competition Authority to investigate new NAMA owned convention centre


Taoiseach of Ireland Mr Brian Cowan opened the latest PPPS "White elephant" project in Dublin on 7th September in the Year of  Ruination, 2010.

The compliant media (RTE) duly reported the achievement in glowing terms and sent down their overpaid reporters scurrying down to "soft interview" all and sundry connected with this latest monumental waste of money.

Not one hard critical question was asked, and the managers and tourism hangers on, were allowed to rabbit on with endless verbiage such as "We already have bookings up to 2016" (maybe two or do we need a Freedom of Information Request to confirm that.?). "This puts Ireland on the map of international tourism", and such like drivel.

Designed by Pritzker award-winning Irish architect Kevin Roche, the building is situated at Spencer Dock on the banks of the River Liffey. At a cost of €380 million, Described as "Ireland's newest purpose-built international conference and event venue is configured to accommodate conferences from 8 to 8,000 participants in 22 purpose-built meeting rooms. It includes a 2,000-seater auditorium, 4,500 square metres of exhibition space and banqueting facilities for up to 3,000 guests.

It is in reality a monstrous white elephant and will be in competition with Fianna Fail's golden boy wonder developer Jim "Coach and four" Mansfield's grandiose convention centre in Tallagh," Citywest Convention Centre".(facilities include golf course,spa etc) .

Mr Mansfield has recently completed this controversial ( illegally built,but now regularized ) new convention centre at city west in Tallagh but it is in serious trouble and unhappily for him his new masters may be less understanding of his dilemma than Brian Lenehan and NAMA..

Jim Mansfield decided (July 2010) not contest the appointment of a receiver to his Citywest hotel and leisure complex, The Irish Times reports. It is understood that the businessman doesn't want to jeopardise a potentially lucrative deal to establish an English language school there for Middle Eastern students which could be worth more than €100 million.

On Tuesday, Bank of Scotland (Ireland) appointed a receiver to HSS, the company which controls the Citywest complex, and appointed Dalata Ltd to operate the Citywest facilities. The bank also appointed a receiver to Mansfield's Finnstown Country House hotel in Lucan, west Dublin.

As the Docklands centre is a Public Private Partnership Scheme between a bankrupt state (Ireland) and NAMA members,Treasury Holdings/alias developer Richard Barrett Johnny Rohan(Treasury Holdings)

It will be interesting if the Docklands Centre ever actually "opens" -or if it does-if it ever make a profit).

Mr Mansfield's reciever (Dalata Ltd) may lodge an objection with the Competition Authority,If he finds that the city convention centre is being run at a loss and is filching any of his potential clients.!

So one bankrupt convention now competes with another newly opened bankrupt convention centre!! it could only happen in Ireland.

According to the Spencer Dock Convention Centre press release, an incredible 250 people will be employed there.There are 200 Ushers employed in Leinster House and nobody knows what they do for a living either.!

The development includes some 300 odd ,half finished apartments (see below).These "not fitted out" apartments are on the market at an asking price of about 50% more than might tempt even the most profligate buyer.!

Baby white elephants accomodation:


Unit No



Size Sq. Ft.


Asking Price



Hill of Down

2 Bed




Fitted Out



2 Bed




Fitted Out



2 Bed




Not Fitted Out



2 Bed




Not Fitted Out



1 Bed Duplex




Not Fitted Out



2 Bed




Fitted Out

Below:Three treasury losses  partners, Brian Cowan, Richard Barrett ,and Johnny Rohan at the Docklands opening of the 380 million white elephant convention centre,

 complete with 300 derelict residential apartments

Below again, the disgraced former Taoiseach Bartholmew Ahern congratulates billionaire Johnny Rohan on his membership acceptance by the exclusive NAMA club.

Eccentric millionaire dances on CJH's grave and posts on Youtube!

A LOTTO winner who danced on the grave of the late Taoiseach Charles Haughey and posted his "footwork" on YouTube has described his protest as "my greatest moment".

Vincent Keaney, who scooped a €1.26m Lotto jackpot in 1994, staged his controversial one-man protest at Mr Haughey's grave in St Fintan's Cemetery in Sutton on September 2, according to his video.

Yesterday he defended his actions, saying Fianna Fail's ethical lapses started under Mr Haughey and had led to a decline of accountability in Irish political life.

Google "dancing on Charlie Haugheys grave" for the videos.


Fianna Fail plan to put idlers back to work.

Government owned bank to be re-named pending orderly wind down.

Scandal-ridden Anglo Irish Bank will be "decommissioned" as soon as possible, a government minister told the Irish Independent yesterday.

Meanwhile the bank has been re-named "The Bank of National Recovery",and a new logo has been commissioned, until such time as it can be wound up.

Innovation Minister Conor Lenihan would not be drawn on a timeframe for a wind-down of the now state-owned bank.

"It has to be decommissioned, it will be decommissioned -- fairly swiftly in terms of the actual decision being made in a few weeks with the permission of Europe," he said.

Mr Lenihan added: "There are an awful lot of people fixating on the name "Anglo Irish Bank" because it has cost a large amount of money and there was a lot of reckless and irresponsible lending from that bank that has affected other institutions."

He said "People get very annoyed when they read an article,or hear mention on radio or TV , of the current title.It is just an irrational reflex action because they associate the name 'Anglo Irish Bank' with government ineptitude,obscene wealth, cronyism, hospital closures,overcrowded schools,emmigration and future hardship."

"Many voters consider the 'Golden Circles' in Irish Society, to be greedy people, supported by a corrupt government.",he added. "This is wrong,the majority of Fianna Fail TD's are decent people, like their fathers and their fathers before them who dedicate their lives to the maximization of their expenses allowance, while serving  their constituents with equal vigour."

If you want to get somebody really angry said Conor, just mention the banks name,and if you want to risk assault, add the words "Seanie Fitz" and "Fingers Fingleton" in the same sentence.

"Fianna Fail will forever be associated with this rotten institution unless something is done to re-name it therefore the bank will  be given a positive and  benign title.

It will henceforth be called "The Bank of National Recovery ".! (RTE and all media please copy)

A new logo has been commissioned at a cost of 1 million Euros (one of our cronies, a Mrs Leech got the job, as it was urgent and we did not have time to put it out to tender) has received a preview of the new logo  (above)

20 billion Euros .For what?

50% of the population of Ireland have private health insurance. the rest die slowly- or quickly- or any old way that God decides they die!

50%  of the population have no such succor. 

Here are the facts. Here is what you get for your 20 billion Euros in crippling stealth and income taxes  taxes, by Fianna Fail and given to the HSE  for public health services;the expenditure of which is overseen by Mata Harney alias "The  Maid of Orleans" alias "Joan of Arc", Ireland's fattest patron saint of the old, the sick, the dying and the handicapped.She  wears no suit of armor because none would fit  her portly figure; nor would the sickest bear attempt to hug her, but by God she can shift her fat frame around the globe.Meanwhile her obscenely salaried minions back in HSE territory do for the unhappy souls who fall under their control.

Fact:  Patients seeking a public outpatients appointment for an ear nose and throat consultation at our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda are waiting four years on average to see a consultant, according to the latest HSE statistics.

The HSE's latest HealthStat hospital performance data also show that patients seeking a routine ENT clinic appointment at Galway University Hospital have to wait just over three years on average.

A patient waiting for an outpatient consultation in the same specialty at Sligo General Hospital, however, only has to wait a month on average , according to the figures.

The figures show that the longest average wait for a general medicine OPD clinic is at Galway University Hospital, where patients must wait an average of 302 days, whereas at Sligo General, the average wait for these clinics is only 18 days.

Advice: if you are feeling ill,head for Sligo! 

The statistics also show that the average wait time for a public general surgery clinic at Galway University Hospital is 498 days, around 17 months.

 In Sligo, the waiting time for these clinics is only eight days on average.

There are estimated to be over 175,000 people on public outpatient waiting lists in hospitals around the country at present, with many patients having to wait a number of years for first appointments.

Mr Lenehan just close down the whole charade  and use the money to pay for your crony developers debts with  Anglo Irish Bank 

There are plenty of your beloved private hospitals standing idly by( on public grounds) anxious to cater for the remainder of the sick and the dying.

Maybe they might give even them a discount? 


Johnny Ronan and Richard Barret, icons of a golden (circle) era.

Fianna Fail connected waste contractors have made fortunes dumping illegal waste in a quarry owned by Cement Roadstone Holdings, in the vicinity of Dublin's water supply reservoir in County Wicklow during the past decade thereby endangering the drinking water for some three million citizens.

However further depredation in this region by crony developers of the Soldiers of Destiny has, thankfully, been put on hold due to the world wide recession, An Bord Pleanala, and the fact that

Johnny Rohan and partner Richard Barret have been NAMAtized .

 Dodgy bank loans loans of approximately 1 billion Euros were given to the two Fianna Fail inspired developers various companies.

Some of the money was earmarked for the destruction of the Wicklow mountains, but thankfully, the money is all gone west.!

This is  good news for conservationists but bad news for the taxpayers of Ireland.

NAMA (i.e. Irish taxpayers) are now the owners of a 150-hectare site in a designated Area of Special Amenity,close to Roundwood village in Wicklow.!

Ronan's Jersey based Real Estate Opportunities (Swinwood ltd) bought the site for 20 million Euros in 2005 with money lent them by the usual suspect (Seanie Fitz).

The cooperative and compliant County Councillors (Fianna Failers mostly) in Wicklow rubber stamped the boys plans to build a six story hotel, two golf courses ,and equestrian centre , numerous other houses,and whatever your having yourself on this high amenity land.

An Bord Pleanala threw out the whole scheme recently and the land is now only good for grazing goats.

When is a "personal guarantee" worth F*ck all ?


When a billionaire developer commits his personal wealth to a banker should he default on his repayments.

Ronan and Barrett have not been pursued personally for one penny by Brian Lenehan's NAMA quango.

Meanwhile the two boys R & B are pocketing 18 million Euros per annum in "fees" fortheir ongoing management of their ruined REO (Real Estate Opportunities) outfit which also owns derelict sites elsewhere in Europe such as Battersea Power Station in London (loss on original purchase price an estimated 500 million Euros)

In fact they hope to present Brian Lenehan with a new business plan which will keep the whole charade on the road as "a going concern"!

No effort has been made to sell off any of the two boys current stock of office buildings -some of which are producing good rental income.

Perhaps Mr Lenehan is waiting for the market to re-cover?

The "new" fraudsters: not Vikings but still -"More Irish than the Irish themselves"

An interesting video below from an American citizen who is of Irish origin and seeks asylum here,but was told by his barrister that the Irish government will never embarrass the USA in such a manner?
Cowan comic on the late late show
Conor Lenehan, Minister for New Immigration and welfare fraud.
His brother Brian Lenehan, Minister for Financial and Economic Meltdown