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A Public/private partnership goes under.. and "The Two Brians" are moving the deck chairs.

25 July 2008.
In a memo, circulated to government departments,this week officials are told they must make cutbacks across a range of activities and administrative costs.
The dissolution of a public/private partnership: A marriage of convenience is all at sea.!
Is it not amazing that these PPPS deals/contracts whatever (so called Public Private Partnerships  ) can be dissolved easier than a divource granted in Las Vegas-when suddenly, the deal goes sour for the big developer cronies of Fianna Fail.?
It´s a pity a large contingent of the Fianna Fail "Wasters" and their developer cronies were not on a junket to America when this ship went down.!: 

Inset a wealthy Kerry developer & "Friend of Fianna Fail" who jumped ship and survived  the disaster.

The multi-million-euro salaried directors of the principal irish banks who recklessly fuelled the current economic and financial crisis, will one day settle into happy retirement with their earnings and pensions intact and untouched by the whole debacle.
Ditto our political overseers who dispassionately watched it all happen, and also profited enormously (in the medium term) as the big developers grew richer,year after year.The present government is thereby, complicit in the ultimate meltdown.
The interest rates dictated by the European Bank greatly facilitated the exercise of total abandon, as banks re-wrote time and time again, their once prudent lending criteria, to keep pace with the rising price of property.
At boom´s end, “5 year interest only repayment” style loans were commonplace in the market as banks endeavoured to maintain the momentum of the doom laden vessel, “SS Irish Construction Industry”.
When the big developers went for the lifeboats, the bank captains were left,as it were, to go down with their ships.Problem is-they did´nt. They just kept increasing their bonuses.!
The fate of many small speculators is yet uncertain,but many of them will soon be lost at sea, as the financial house sharks close in on the weakest of the casualties first.
A smoke and mirrors exercise continues as the banks tidy up their books and create the illusion of stability by the strategem of extending indefinite credit to their larger debtors, so as to enable them pay interest on loans and interest which are now, in reality-in default.
Mention of bank failure is now as taboo as such topics as hospital acquired M.R.S.A., and deviant clergy, once were.!
The decimation of shareholders assets and private pension funds is meekly accepted by all. Lambs for the slaughter.
The awaited rescue ship “Liquidity” looks as spectral and phantasmic as the Marie Celeste.
If the White Star Line had suppressed the foundering of their unsinkable flagship “The Titanic”, by launching a a massive cardboard cut out float of the dead ship´s profile on the high seas, to postpone the day of accountablility by their directors; they would have eventually been found out and probably gaoled-or hanged.!
Corporate strategy and P.R. evolution has- thank heavens for bankers and politicians alike- moved on from those distant days. It´s much more sophisticated nowadays..reassuring statements at A.G.M´s: the ship is in no danger: no need to panic and head for the muster stations..etc. The ship is UNSINKABLE.(or is it?)
or maybe brass balls have just grown bigger and harder.!
Suggestions for savings include:

Cutting bloated salaries:

* use black-and-white copying machines instead of expensive, coloured ink cartridges.

* publish annual reports online rather than in hard copy

* book the cheapest airfares for official travel

* use civil service staff rather than outside consultancies

* provide filtered water rather than bottled water for staff

* send office notices using email

* switch off lights.

Curtail Health spending.(i.e. front line staff,doctors and nurses)

However, there will be no job cuts in the public service, despite the closure and amalgamation of dozens of agencies and semi-state bodies to be agreed in the coming weeks.

Tubridy therapy.

Do you suffer from depression.? is your life totally empty? has your wife left you.? Are you so bored with living you feel suicidal.?

Well, suffer no more.There is a way out of this. Place yourself in an uncomfortable chair in your home. Ask a friend to tie you securely to the chair with strong rope, between 9 am and 11 am any morning of the week (Sunday excluded). Tell him to switch on RTE radio before he leaves,and come back in two hours to release you. All suffering is relative and you have to know how bad it can really get before your own problems are placed in proper perspective. This experience will profoundly change your attitude to life. Believe me, it works.

A classic from U tube
" I´m next up"

Michael O'leary up in arms with irish quangoistas.

The irascible Michael O'Leary boss of budget airline "Ryanair" slammed the Quango entitled "The National Consumer Agency" (NCA) which has a budget of over 10 million Euros yearly and whose illustrious government nominees include Celia Larkin and Eddie Hobbs.The acronyms Qango and Quango, variously spelt out as QUAsi Non-Governmental Organisation, QUasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation, and QUasi-Autonomous National Government Organisation, have been used, notably in the United Kingdom, but also in Australia, Ireland and other countries, to describe a range of organisations to which governments have devolved power. Confusion over the meaning of the acronym has been reflected in confusion over the use of the term, and may have contributed to its decline in use. The term Quango carries with it an implication of poor management and lack of accountability.
Celia picked up a handy 30,000 euros in "Expenses", for an occasional meeting with her cohorts, in this "useless" entity according to Mr O'Leary. Interestingly, Michael coined yet another new word to describe the members of this body, which may yet enter the Oxford dictionary.
"What exactly does Ann Fitzgerald(NCA chief executive) and the rest of these useless quango-istas actually do for consumers" he said. 
 That  has a very spanish flavour to it Michael,  I like it.!

Comrade Ahern-Comrade Cowan.

"Most of the criticism of social partnership has centred on the role of benchmarking in buying off the public sector.

That on its own was bad enough but the most toxic element of the politics of social partnership was the abandonment of any reform of the public sector in return for the unions' tacit support of Bertie.

The apogee of this was Mary 'I take the tough decisions' Harney's Health Service Executive where eight health boards amalgamated without a single job loss while 500 civil servants in the Department of Health were left with nothing to do."

Poor fishermen.

"Under strict quota control due to severe over-fishing, Mauritania was an industrial fisherman's dream and some of the biggest fishing boats in the world paid what seemed like big money to a poor government in what became known as "cash for access" fishing deals. In 2005, China, which catches more fish than any other nation, gave Mauritania two fighter jets in partial compensation for fishing rights.
One of the first to do business with the Mauritanian government was the late Kevin McHugh, an Irishman and owner of the biggest fishing boat in the world, Atlantic Dawn"

Also Kerry fishermen defeat Minister Gormley in the courts and return to drift net salmon fishing.What changes in Leprechaunland.! Nothing ,never?

"A government that stands for nothing-stands for everything"

 No party has been more prepared to make a virtue out of political necessity, as Charles Haughey so readily demonstrated in 1989. Then, he abandoned the Fianna Fail core value, no coalition. To retain power he agreed to share government in a coalition with the PDs. 

That's Ireland.!

There is nowhere in Donegal for an atheist to rest his/her bones.!

Such was the discovery of journalist Roy Greenslade this week, following the death of his mother last Saturday.

Her remains could not be buried in Donegal. She was buried in a Derry city cemetery instead.

A humanist funeral service for Joan Greenslade took place last Monday but, her son told The Irish Times, that "according to the church people I approached - and underlined by the undertaker - an atheist cannot be buried (in Donegal) because the churches, Catholic, Church of Ireland and Presbyterian, own the graveyards. Therefore, unless one is willing to compromise one's beliefs by agreeing to a religious service, it is impossible to be buried."

He spoke to a former Church of Ireland rector on the matter who advised him it was "out of the question" for his mother to be buried in a Church of Ireland graveyard there.

His mother was buried in Derry on Tuesday.

The city council's cemeteries department, when asked if they could bury an atheist, said they had different areas in the municipal graveyard for Catholics, Protestants and even Muslims.

Asked whether they were starting an atheist section for Mrs Greenslade the reply was: "No, we're putting her in with the Protestants."

(Irish Times. August 2008)

Fianna Fail-building more web sites for more opinions from more citizens-for the future to pay for..!

Government press release from Noel Dempsey at the Department of Transport.

"We in the Fianna Fail party realize it may take another 28 years before we get things right with Dublin's traffic chaos. Meanwhile we have been advised by our new  P.R.consultants  that it would be wise to ask the advice of the legion of long suffering  commuters who park on  the M50-and elswhere- every day; and those other thousands who fight for a car park space in suburban housing estates every morning, and then jump on an overcrowded  train into the city.They will then occupy their minds usefully, instead of plotting and fuming and deciding who not to vote for in 4 years time.
In Israel they say that every citizen is a Prime Minister ( or thinks he should be).
In Ireland every citizen thinks he has the answer to Dublin's horrific congestion.! 
That is why we in government want your input.We feel your anger-your frustration, believe me.
sometimes I weep to hear of long traffic jams,people missing their flights etc, for want of a new metro to Dublin Airport, and all that sort of stuff.
We have already consulted you on your views re the taxi drivers at  (And that was not pleasant reading)

We forgot to consult you on putting  provisional licence holder drivers off the road-and that was a bit of a fiasco.!
In fact,both myself and my colleague Martin Cullen-not to mention numerous others-, have been f*cking up for years.
  We now realize that we don't always know what you the voters are thinking.
The first phase of online consultation re Dublin traffic congestion has now closed at ; however, there will be many more opportunities for you to provide feedback in the next 22 years.By 2030 we will have thousands of them.

We, in government, are building more web sites, to cater for more opinions, from more voters!.
 If you would like more information on forthcoming consultation opportunities, and our new web sites as the emerge into the virtual webworld of spin and propaganda,please contact us by email at or by post at 2030 Vision, Block B, West Pier Business Campus, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.
Of course when we get your feedback,it will be given full consideration,nevertheless we know what is best for you,and the country, so it won't matter jack sh*t.
(P.S. Don't waste your time..we just set up these sites to create employment for the party faithful.)
                                                                                 Yours, Noel Dempsey. 
                                                        Minister for Tolls and Traffic Mayhem." at:

A few Christmas's ago..

2nd December 06:

 Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and his Dublin Central constituency held the traditional annual Christmas constituency bash at Clontarf Castle. The party gives the Taoiseach the chance to relax away from the glare of publicity and surround himself with the nearest and dearest of the party faithful, not to mention a few prominent property developers and other friends in high places.

He was among friends. Hoteliers Jim Mansfield and John Glynn arrived together, with Mr Mansfield joking in the double negative: "I've no money for nothing."

Developer Sean Dunne was joined at his table by his wife Gayle Killilea.

Publican Charlie Chawke and his wife Bernice were given a warm welcome by the Taoiseach. And talking of developers, also present was Patrick Byrne and his wife Marian.

We solve planning conflict for Laois and Monaghan County Councils.!

TESCO wants to build a new superstore on a flood-prone site which found itself under water once more during the recent heavy rains.

Portarlington resident David Orford objected to the development on the flood plains.

"I cannot understand how Laois County Council granted planning permission for this site, it floods on an annual basis. There's pictures going back the last 20 years. Our house is close to the river and last week the water came up to our door almost. There were more places flooded along Patrick Street, that have never flooded before, since all of the development along here," he added.

A spokesperson for Laois County Council was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile Fine Gael's environment spokesman, Terence Flanagan, said Mr Gormley's pledge would be tested by a separate decision made by Galway County Council to grant permission to New Market Projects Ltd to build 48 houses on a flood plain.
Eimear Ni Bhraonain
Irish Independent 23.08.08

Trial of Ward & Dunne in legless publican case collapses.!

inset: two ODC's (ordinary decent criminals Ward & Dunne.)
"When Soldiers of Destiny have a falling out":
The trial of a man charged with mugging publican Charlie Chawke during an armed robbery was dramatically halted after he changed his plea to guilty on all counts.

The accused, also known as "The Dunner" is a high profile "Soldier" member of the largest  mafia type organization in Ireland,  the "Soldiers of Destiny" .They have affiliations with other criminal outfits such as "The Brotherhood"; "Cosa Nostra";and   "Fianna Fail".This heretofore elusive mastermind,who is prominent in high society and rugby circles, and high rise tower, building, was on trial on  charges arising out of the robbery and shooting at Chawke's rented pub, in The Jury's Hotel.
The prosecution case collapsed when it was heard  that  Mr Chawke did not have a leg to stand on.
The Judge  told Dunne that he had taken "a sensible attitude in light of the evidence that was emerging" 
Pleas of "not guilty" had initially been entered on the Dunner's behalf to all the charges

In opening the case for the prosecution, council said it was a "well planned and organised operation." which had gone dramatically wrong.
Mr Chawke told the court he was getting into his silver Mercedes outside the pub with a bag containing cash and cheques when he noticed, in the driver's mirror, the man afterwards identified by several witnesses as "The Dunner", running from a yellow Rolls Ryce.
He  opened the driver's door of Mr Chawke's car with the gun pointing downwards and said; "Give me the f**king money."

Mr Chawke said he saw an opportunity and "dived" for the gun but missed and fell to the ground. The man  ( later identified as the accused, Mr Dunne) said: "You are a f**king smart ass" before he took aim from a distance of 12 inches and "blew my remaining knee away."
(Mr Chawke lost his first knee defending a bag of cash during a previous attempted heist)
He was taken to hospital where his remaining leg was amputated five days later.

Mr Chawke denied during cross-examination  that he had "as a businessman" sought to use the situation to take advantage of an 'ODC' -- an ordinary decent criminal (Mr Dunne). It was however acknowledged that the Dunner's only "previous" was for ripping of house buyers, in conjunction with the "Soldiers of Destiny" brotherhood. 
The judge gave "The Dunner" a suspended sentence, when ten prominent bankers gave evidence on his behalf, and admitted to placing "impossible pressure and conditions" bordering on blackmail, on Mr Dunne. Mr Dunne  had fallen into arrears on interest payments on bank loans totalling some 800 million Euros.
Three prominent psychiatrists testified that the balance of Mr Dunne's mind was clearly disturbed when he carried out this drastic plot which at most would have netted him a few hundred thousand Euros, if successful.
Mr Dunne expects to be able to clear his debts if he gets planning permission for a 40 storey tower black from Dublin City Council. Fianna Fail councillors have indicated that will then rent all the apartments from him for social and affordable housing, which is likely to stave off bankruptcy.

The new Wild Geese Era to replace the Wild Celtic Tiger Era

Beat the stealth taxes.Pay no more tolls ever.!

20 August.2008. "The NRA said if motorists claimed they were incorrectly charged, an operator would review video footage to see if their vehicle used the motorway.

Some 400 call centre staff have been employed to deal with customer queries.

Details of how barrier-free tolling on the M50 will work were revealed yesterday, with the NRA admitting that "teething problems" would occur as the notorious toll plaza is removed in three stages.

"We want to tell you now, there's going to be problems," Mr Creegan said. "Our commitment is we will deal with problems in a customer-focused way.

Also try our new reflective spray-guaranteed to foil radar and toll bridge cameras:
Lifetime guarantee: if you ever get a letter in the post from any Rip-Off toll operator/quango/police agency,
we will refund the purchase price in full.
Beat the rotten system.Beat Fianna Fail.Stop the rot now.

Fingal Car rentals
why buy.? save thousands ever year.Rent a car from us.No worries.
Long term rental deals for harried toll users.
All cars come with foreign(mostly U.K.) plates.
Avoid tax and insurance.
Pay no penalty points(if you get caught)
Avoid toll bridge charges.Contact Dunsink auto rentals now.
(Address:Ist mobile on left,Dunsink Lane)
Also branches at the back of the airport and in most counties in Ireland.
Contact Darby O'Gill, or any of the travellin' people.

ERTICO – ITS Europe Partner CS announced the signing, in Ireland, of a contract with the NRA
(National Road Authority) for the installation and the operation of a toll free flow system on the Dublin ring (M50). "To ensure the toll is collected fairly and equitably from users in Canada,
ICBC (Insurance Corporation Of British Columbia) is able to refuse to issue a driver’s license, vehicle license 
and vehicle insurance when a person owes TransLink an excessive toll debt. 
These terms are defined in the tolling bylaw, approved by the TransLink Board of Directors.",8987,en.html These are the people who have profited to the tune of 600 million of taxpayers money from the government
buy out of the toll bridge over the Liffey:

Jim Mansfield; Soldier of Destiny.

"Money wouldn't come on my list of priorities at all. All I want is to be able to get a bit of money to eat every week and that'll keep me going." (Jim Mansfield quoted in the "Sunday Independent" 24th August 2008)
"The church was packed to capacity.The Russian ambassador and numerous 'heavies' in black suits abounded, although I am not sure who they were minding , the ambassador- or the Fianna Fail Mafiosi.!  Some of Liam's Moscow investing "business associates" were there also.
 "Coach and Four" big Jim Mansfield was also prominent at the coffinside,and was overheard to remark that "It's shocking-so many have gone lately from heart attacks" and so on .  
If the poor could die for the rich-they would never want for employment, Jim. What doth it profit a man.?Your own personal Parousia is imminent, "now we see through a looking glass darkly-then face to face"."Corruption is inherent in all living things-look to your salvation with diligence."

Today in Europe, only Greece, Italy and Portugal are seen as being more corrupt than Ireland

  Today in Europe, only Greece, Italy and Portugal are seen as being more corrupt than Ireland

the largest concentration camp in the world-and its a jewish creation.

One liners.

A cement mixer collided with a prison van on the M50. Motorists are asked to be on the lookout for 16 hardened criminals.

Sex is like playing bridge: If you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand.
I saw six men kicking and punching the mother-in-law. My neighbour said 'Are you going to help?' I said 'No, six should be enough.'
If we aren't supposed to eat animals, then why are they made out of meat?

Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before..

You never know where to look when eating a banana.
You always feel a bit scared when stroking horses.

Why is it called Alcoholics Anonymous when the first thing you do is stand up and say, 'My name is Peter and I am an alcoholic'?

Why does mineral water that 'has trickled through mountains for centuries have a 'use by' date?

Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, 'I think I'llsqueeze these dangly things here and drink whatever comes out'?
What do people in China call their good quality plates?

Why is a person that handles your money called a 'Broker'?

Why is it that when someone tells you that there are over a billion stars in the universe, you believe them, but if they tell you there is wet paint somewhere, you have to touch it to make sure.

Aldi and Lidl are "framed" by the Consumer Protection agency.

Supermarket giants Aldi and Lidl responded in July 2008 to criticisms of a sample food basket in their  irish stores, costing 40% more than on the European mainland. They blamed the high level of indirect taxation such as a 21% VAT rate on basic foodstuffs all of which directly hurt's the poor and large families. The equivalent VAT on food  in Germany is 7%.
High excise taxes on alcohol and general operating costs,land,rates, transportation, etc. in a high inflation economy were  also blamed.
what's new,we did this survey in 2005.?

Liam escapes the penultimate judgement.!

THE MAHON tribunal cannot pursue claims against the late Liam Lawlor's home and lands in Lucan, Co Dublin, in order to meet legal costs of more than €430,000 due to it by the late TD, the High Court has ruled.

Ms Justice Mary Laffoy said that when Mr Lawlor died in a crash in Moscow in October 2005, his interest in his family home and lands at Somerton, Finstown, Lucan, ceased and therefore various judgment mortgages granted to the tribunal against Mr Lawlor relating to the house and lands also ceased.

With Mr Lawlor's death, the interest of the tribunal as judgment creditor regarding the house and lands "passed out of existence", she ruled.

Mr Lawlor had predeceased his wife without their joint tenancy in their home and lands being severed and, on the death of Mr Lawlor, the house and lands accrued to Mrs Lawlor solely by right of survivorship

For an eye witness account of Liam's final farewell shindig, as he shuffles off his mortal coil to touch the face of God,go to:

Inhuman and degrading treatment.?

A recent irish prison service report says there is a real chance of the state being sued for slopping out.Previous cases taken by prisoners have failed.
The report continues:“It is also clear from court rulings that they will never accept chamber pots in shared cells. Thus, while the cells in Mountjoy are just above the minimum CTP [Committee for the Prevention of Torture] standard size for doubling up, the fact that they lack integral sanitation would disqualify them for such use unless there is a guarantee prisoners can be released from cells easily. It does not appear such a guarantee could be given.” 
I have visited Mountjoy jail last year (on an inspection tour) and stood in one of the tiny dark cells for a minute to get the flavour of what prisoners endure.the only light comes from a small barred window at the top of the outfacing wall.
In my opinion to confine human beings in these victorian cages is inhuman and degrading-without the company of a stinking chamber pot
 almost under your feet.
None of the corrupt politicians, or fraudsters in business who cheat investors etc out millions of euros,  will ever spend one day confined in such circumstances.

some good news-No unemployment among dental mechanics in Dublin

30th July.2008
GARDAI last night were hunting for three vicious thugs  who savagely attacked three teenagers in North Dublin, during a "robbery". One of the victims will have to wear dentures for life while his two friends had their heads stapled and glued back together after the attack. 
Philip Walsh (19) believes the attackers used the pretext of stealing just €20 and a credit card to inflict a savage beating on both him and his friends. 
"We reckon they were doing it just for the violence," he said. 
The attack took less than a minute and left all three in severe shock. 
Philip's gums were slashed to the bone, leaving him unable to eat solid food since. It will be a year before he heals sufficiently to allow him to have dentures fitted permanently. The attack is not an isolated incident, says local dental mechanic Martin Kenny, who runs Denture Express on Dorset Street. He gets one client a fortnight -- sometimes once a week -- who needs dentures after having teeth kicked out in unprovoked assaults in the area.
 In the unlikely event of the "alleged" assailants being apprehended, a garda spokesmen said that  they would be questioned, then charged and released on bail to continue their rampage , until the director of prosecutions determined -within the next year or so- if the file was worth bringing before the courts; and of more relevence-if the "Hotel" (as the over crowded victorian era slop-out institution of correction in Phibsboro Dublin known as Mountjoy jail ,is known in criminal circles) had any vacancies.!
There are an estimated 14000 Gardai in the state and took 30 minutes for a few of them to arrive on the scene of this assault.!!
Meanwhile down on the ranch:
 A FULL-BLOWN riot between two feuding Traveller families (the McDonaghs and the Nevins) erupted the same day in a housing estate in Mullingar Co Westmeath  while terrified neighbours and young children watched from inside their homes.Dozens of gardai, a garda helicopter and a dog unit were dispatched to deal with up to 200 people who were throwing missiles and petrol bombs during violent clashes from around noon in Dalton Park.

Celia Larkin's quango to be subsumed elsewhere.

An old rant recalled..

"So what does all this mean? In the end - NOTHING. You would think that people would learn from obvious corruption and hypocrisy, so blatant and glaring as the sun on a cloudless day. Yet, people will vote for Fianna Fail at the next election. In their thousands. Jim McDaid will probably top the poll in his constituency, as will Bertie. It is not limited to Fianna Fail either. Ex-FG man Michael Lowry, whose house was paid for by Ben Dunne, topped the poll in Tipperary last time round. His greed was exposed, but the Irish public are stupid enough to reward it. Take your pick anywhere in the country where you think there is a groundswell of opposition against the current political system. Its an illusion. The people will happily vote for the parties that have been shown not to have their slightest interest at heart. As they will time and time again... what can I say? We get what we deserve"

Man mugged on M50 motorway.600 million Euros taken.

A South African gang are posing as newspaper vendors  on Dublin's only cross city motorway and robbing unsuspecting motorists it was learned today.
 "We think this is a copycat operation and the gang are applying mugging  tactics perfected  in Capetown , Johannisburg, and other cities" a police spokesman said.
A distraught politician named Martin was rescued by helicopter today, from the M50 motorway in Dublin. He miraculously survived there for 3 days without food or water. "There was nothing moving at all" he said,  "It was a total nightmare. I fell asleep after some hours, and was fearful of carbon monoxide poisoning as the other motorists kept their engines running to stay warm."
He continued: " When I woke up I noticed the booth of my car was open. A stealth thief had entered my vehicle, used the keys to open the booth and stole every penny of the 600 million Euros in cash I brought to pay the toll bridge people.
"It could be worse I suppose", said Martin "It was only taxpayers money- however I fear there will have to be an emergency budget to raise more money."!

Management companies scam ignored by government.

A Scam for Developers

The Management Company structure that is being foisted on thousands of householders in Dublin and around the country is a lucrative scam for housing estate developers. Having made a fortune from the sale of the homes they built, they then foist management charges on the new householders for the upkeep of open spaces, public lighting, and public liability insurance among other services.
Outrageously, the developers  who have made massive profits from householders are now dragging the very people who made these profits for them to court to try and force them to pay management fees.
Fianna Fail have no intention of introducing the Legislation  needed which prevents householders being caught in this trap. Such Legislation would  void the contracts which young householders were compelled to sign in order to be allowed to purchase their new homes. Where I live in Spain for example,there is  powerful legislation for every community to take control of their own development, and elect a Prersident and committe officers, and to collect "Communidad" fees and oversee the maintainance of all communal gardens, swimming pool etc. An A.G.M. must be held yearly and officers re-elected.

Farmers vote assured in Lisbon referendum in exchange for virtual reforms in C.A.P.

An open letter from Padraig Walshe,
 President of the IFA (Impecunious Farmers Association)
Bluebell Lane,
 Cuckoo Land.

To the Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries
 Kildare Street. Dublin.

Dear Mary Coughlan,
                                 I am sorry for blocking the streets around Government Buildings with our new tractors recently, for the 89th time this year, but can you ask the Powers-that-be in Brussels, to do something about that interfering british  b*stard, Peter Mandleson. If Sarkozy doesnt sort him out there will be blood and barricades on the streets of Brussels.Our stalwart, french comrade farmers will see to that.

 Not only is he determined to cut all the subsidies we get to produce beef that nobody can afford to eat anymore; he has capped the handouts for dairy farmers who just keep producing more and more milk every year ,and now the poor beasts tits are as sore as the bleedin taxpayers who are also being endlessly milked in taxation and high food prices.
 Farming  was just becoming such a lucrative business.! Now a poor farmer has to buy the milk licence quota from a rich one if he wants to increase his milk output.
This is outrageous.It reminds me of the pub racket/monopoly run by many of your comrades and part time TD's in Dail Eireann, in which  licences to sell drink change hands for millions of Euros.! It's a total disgrace.
I am writing to you to seek more information about one of the newest setaside schemes.
As you are aware,most of the farmers I represent now get money for doing absolutely nothing.They get money for not growing corn & wheat or any kind of crop that would entitle them to the ruinous C.A.P.subsidies. Mandleson claims the well is dry, and Europe's taxpayers have been bled almost to death, to keep us in our poverty.He even wants to allow non european producers acces to the EEU without imposing massive tariffs on them. Cheap food-no way!
We now get  money for trimming our hedges, and putting out food to feed the pigeons and crows, and not cutting turf on our bogs and so forth,under the environmental protection scheme.We are happy enough watchin the birds sing and the grass grow,and waiting for our cheques in the post every month.
I understand there is a new grant in the offing for the purchase of barbed wire and the maintainance of new fences, to keep hillwalkers and tourists from trespassing on so called 'setaside' land.Let us have details of this and also the new grants for those of us who promise not to use harmful pesticides, and are willing to build massive containment pools so the pig and cattle slurry does not contribute to the numerous outbreaks of clostrosporidium poisoning among city folk in Galway and elsewhere

Now to the main business..
A neighbour of mine-a pig farmer- recently received a cheque for 5000 Euros from Brussels for not rearing pigs.
As we do not represent pig producers we were completely unaware of this.
I amd my many comrades (120,000) in the I.F.A. would now like to go into the "not rearing pigs" business.!
In the opinion of your army of agricultural advisors,what is the best kind of good farming practice when not rearing pigs and which is the best breed not to rear.?
We want to be sure our members approach this new endeavour in keeping with Government policy as dictated by the EEU under the Common Agriculture Policy.
we would prefer not to rear bacon pigs, but if this is not the type of pig you want us not to rear, we will just as gladly not rear porkers.
Are there any advantages in not rearing rare breeds such as Saddlebacks or Gloucester Old Spots,or are there too many people not rearing these.?
As I see it,the hardest part of this programme will be keeping an accurate record of how many pigs irish farmers haven't reared.Are there any government or Local Authority courses provided by Teagasc on this.?
I recall that some years ago many of our members who were unskilled in keeping track of their sheep on the Cooley Mountains, inadvertently miscalculated the size of their herds and received subsidies for "phantom" sheep. We do not wish to see a recurrence of this problem with our "phantom" pigs.
My neighbour who has been rearing pigs for many years is very satisfied with this new business.The best profit he ever made on them was 1500 Euros in 1972.
That is-until this year when he received a cheque for not rearing any.
If we get say, 3000 Euros for not rearing 50 pigs, will we get 6000 Euros for not rearing 100.?
 Most I.F.A. members plan to operate on a small scale at first, holding themselves down to about 4,000 pigs not reared the first year, which will generate income of about 240,000 Euros.
As they become more expert in not rearing pigs they will likely become more ambitious, not rearing perhaps 40,000 pigs in the second year from which each one would expect to qualify for about 2.4 million Euros in Department of Agriculture grants, the second year.
Incidentally we wonder if we would be entitled to receive tradeable carbon credits for all those pigs not producing harmful anf polluting methane gases.? 
Another point: These pigs that I plan to rear will not eat 200 tons of cereals. As we already receive payments for not growing crops on "setaside land" will we qualify for extra payments for not growing the extra cereals not needed to not feed the pigs I don't rear.?
I am also interested in the proposed "not milking cows scheme" which will compensate farmers who are not eligible for subsidies under the current milk "quota"  scheme.
Please send me any information you have on that too.
With regard to the current DEFRA advice on set aside fields, do you propose to extend the payments to e-commerce based farmers with virtual fields (of which I and my members will shortly have several thousand hectares.?)
In view of the above you will realise that our members may not have time to engage in the normal activities of actually producing anything, and are likely to be totally unemployed  and will  therefore qualify for unemployment benefit.
rest assured,we shall continue to support Fianna Fail in future elections,and we only said no to our generous European partners as a muscle flexing exercise.If you get rid of that b*stard Mandleson rest assured of a "Yes" vote in the next Lisbon Referendum.
                                                                   Yours faithfully, Padraig Walsh. Chairman. I.F.A,

Wasters are rewarded.

Tax-cheat farmers  get E.U. funds  from Bert Ahern, without having to produce evidence of honesty in their dealings with the state...( while even a taxidriver has to have a tax clearance certificate to renew his livelihood.!)

SOME 583 tax-cheating farmers will get the new EU Single Farm Payment next December - without producing a tax clearance certificate, the Department of Agriculture has confirmed. Farmers are the country’s biggest tax cheats and have paid over €45 million in default payments to the Revenue Commissioners over a three-year period,

according to an Irish Examiner analysis of the official figures. This was an average payment of €77,857 for each tax-defaulting farmer from March 2002 to March 2005.

A separate Revenue Commissioners report has also revealed that farmers paid the smallest income tax contribution of 1.5% compared with the PAYE workers, who paid the largest amount at 77.5% in 2002. In money terms, this translated to PAYE workers paying €6.7 billion in income tax that year compared to farmers who paid only €126.2m.

Oct 2006;

Talk about name and shame - farmers were shown this week to be the single biggest occupational tax defaulters, with 35 of them owing an average €84,359, out of a total of 170 settlements. And where were Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, FG leader Enda Kenny and Labour leader Pat Rabbitte on Tuesday? In Mogeely, in east Cork, for the National Ploughing Championships!

Olivia Mitchell, the Fine Gael party's transport spokeswoman, said that the deal done with farmers just before the last election in 2002, over compensation for the loss of their land for countrywide road  projects, was the main cause of the spike in costs.50% of the budget for a new road goes into farmers pockets.

The high cost of land for new highways will mean less badly needed new infrastructure, for decades to come. She told the Sunday Independent: "The farmers were kicking up a fuss before the election, a deal was done and the farmers went away quiet and happy. "Thanks Bertie, from the IFA club in Bluebell-see you on the next GAA chat show on RTE."

Poor farmers international property portfolio bonus

By Declan O'Brien(Irish Independent)
Tuesday August 26 2008
A GROUP of Irish farmers is celebrating a €1m windfall from the refinancing of a property deal in Germany.

The new arrangement drastically reduces the total loan owed by the investors.

Most of the 20 participants in the Alpine Private II consortium, put together by agricultural consultants Farrelly and Mitchell, are farmers.

They purchased a retail centre near Nuremburg, Germany, in the spring of 2007, with a loan of more than €5m -- nearly 65pc of the total price.

However, the continental bank which financed the purchase has now renegotiated its involvement.

The debt was taken over by another lender, with Farrelly and Mitchell agreeing a reduction of €1m in the principal owed to the original financier.

The reduced repayment commitment means the investors will now enjoy a share in the €1m bonus when the German property is sold.

Investors in Alpine Private II put up a minimum of €100,000 and around €3m in total. The reduction in debt means that farmers in the group will benefit to the tune of €33,000 for every €100,000 invested.

Bring on the clowns.!

More than €1bn of taxpayers' money has been wasted every year since FF came to power 10 years ago, a Sunday Independent investigation reveals.

It's official, the good times are over and we all have to tighten our belts.

However, as the economy has ground to a halt, and the money dries up, we are asking, what do we have to show for a decade of unprecedented wealth?

A third-class road and rail network, hospitals which are killing healthy people who enter them, and primary children who either face going to school in a prefab or miles away from home are just some of the hallmarks of this Government's waste since it took power in 1997.

For the rest of the on Fianna Fail, visit first our web page:

and then take your pick-it's mostly old shit that you already know anyway-unless you have lived on the Moon for the past 20 years.!

pick of the crop from Newton.

The Irish Times is worth buying just to read his column.

How the farmers get pensions for life from citizens our taxes.

 consider the following scenario:
You earned €100 overtime and had €52 extra in your pay packet at the end of the week, after deduction of tax (42pc) and PRSI (6pc).

You had two pints (€8) after work on Friday.

On the way home you stopped for petrol (€30) and bought a bottle of wine (€7.50) and 20 fags (€6.50) for the wife.

That's your €100 overtime fully accounted for.

Between PAYE, PRSI, VAT and Excise Duty the Government has taken almost €77 of it. Plus some small extra proportion of the other €23 by way of Corporation Tax on the profits of your pub and the garage.

If you paid by Laser or Credit Card the Government will have already squeezed you for annual Stamp Duty charges of €10 or €40.

Lucky we're living in a low-tax economy." 

Fianna Fail bought out the toll bridge just when the original contract terms indicated the state would have received 100% of all additional toll income for nothing!

The buy out of the Toll Bridge is a scandalous waste of money.Mor,than that it was an exercise in corruption.The state would, according to their original contract ,be benefitting from a revenue take of almost 100% of all extra vehicles on the M50.

(See the table from the NTR own web page on our link page)

The simple solution of  sufficient booths, pre-paid, and electronic tolling, provided by the owners is being discarded .Every vehicle using the road could have an obligatory on line pre-paid account with NTR and the bridge could be opened tomorrow using scanning technology.

Instead 800 million euros is being paid to the NTR syndicate of wealthy farmers and big business just when the bridge is reaching its optimum benefit for the state. This is Martin Cullens greatest ever betrayal of the taxpayers of Ireland.

Every other country in Europe can operate an efficient toll plaza on a two or three lane highway-why not in Ireland.?

So much for 800 million in NTR,s pockets, plus a few billion for the Port Black Hole.This is a scam which none of the media or opposition parties have picked up on. It is of course possible that after the pay-off and after the election, three new toll booths may emerge along the length of the entire M-50,and ALL the revenue may accrue to the state.!!

There is either magnificent incompetence and waste in this buyout-or plain old corrupt cronyism.

The Soldiers of Destiny and Martin Cullen had another scheme to place three new tolls on the M-50 only 2 years ago which A spokesperson for the A.A. (Automobile Association) Mr Faughnan described as " madness".

Mr Faughnan,s analysis may be somewhat ingenuous.

Perhaps the "row" with the  N.T.R  (National Toll Roads). over the installation cost of a new electronic toll system at the Westlink tollbridge is nothing but a clever ruse to pay big taxpayers bucks to the toll bridge owners now and eventually bring a highly lucrative, multiply tolling system to the M-50 motorway which will cost sommuters dearly.? This has been an unforgotten objective in the minds of Fianna Fail Ministers for many years and was only postponed heretefore because of widespread indignation.

They have angered and antagonized  many commuters with this proposed stealth tax, and it has been quietly dropped-for now. Paying off big business and removing the toll booths  will do little but move the congestion to further exits a few miles down the road.

Will the host of harried motorists who are compelled to use any stretch of this chaotic public highway on a daily basis,  give Waterford,s "Dick Turpin" and his cohorts among the "Soldiers of Destiny", their own quiet response, at the polling booths, in the coming General Election.

Note for Martin Cullen: Please send my consultancy fees to Soldiers of, Gran Canaria,Spain.

Total due: 300,001 Euros. (5% discount if paid within 7 days)

You may be wondering about the odd 1 euro,well it's a point of principal. Cause I'm worth more than Monica Leech.!

The meat in the sandwich is gone.

Bank shares collapse-property prices too.

More dig-outs needed urgently

Railroads through strokestown

Planning strokes by Beverly's beau& the ghost train.