end corruption,stroke politics, & incompetent administration

The "mile high club" Martin Cullen gets the legs-at last.!

Mr Cullen had meetings in 2005 with Singapore Airlines and Royal Thai Airlines concerning the prospect of air services to Dublin,and discussed issues such as road tolling (? we have enough in N.T.R. Martin, and the 800 million you are giving them to buy back the Liffey Bridge at Palmerstown).

Also on the agenda was "trying to develop business between Ireland and the Far East" (more immigrants ?).Can you imagine Airbus loads of Chinese/Singapore citizens landing in Dublin to play golf.?

 He checked into the Shangri-La hotel in Singapore..

From the moment you step in, the sense of Shangri-La peace and tranquillity envelops you with walls of sheer glass overlooking a 15-acre botanical haven and exotic free-form swimming pool. Shangri-La Hotel truly is Singapore's premier city resort hotel.But first he and his companion experienced the Pleasures of Fine Restaurant Dining (2 miles high.!)
"Singapore Airlines’ claim their unique World Gourmet Cuisine brings you custom-created menus from around the world. To provide you with only the best;

"we’ve carefully selected an international panel of chefs to create sumptuous, elegant, and seasonal menus especially for our treasured passengers."

"The wine panel’s talents ensure that you’ll enjoy creative, high-quality inflight cuisine, complemented by an equally illustrious wine selection chosen by our esteemed wine consultants." .

Martin also brought one of his department's civil servants with him to share the pleasures of the Shangri-La, Ms Stephanie O'Hora ( "a lady with whom he is in a relationship"..) and her bill was paid by his department. He hastily assured the press and awe stricken public, that his "lady friend "would be paying her own expenses and  re-imburse the state,and this arrangement was purely for "administrative convenience" . it is unconfirmed if she also travelled in business class..(5000 Euros for the round trip) ,or was seperated from Martin in the "mile high club".

However it is almost certain that she shared his king size bed in the Shangri-La Hotel.


(paid for by ...the bin taxes,and other stealth charges of course.!!)Ride on Martin.!


Enjoy, Martin & Stephanie.!(O Hora)(Martin Cullen has a gasp  from his fag under a romantic moon, in the (outdoor) smoking lounge of the 5 star hotel).Below,the lovely Stephanie awaits her suitor in the suite of the "Shangri-La" Hopefully we can conclude that you are in a "sexual" relationship this time round Martin,  "wow" lovely legs.

Putting a brave face on Bertie.

"Turn but a stone and you startle a worm"

Bertie's right hand man in "St.Luke's".

May 2006.Bertie Ahern may be circling the wagons in Drumcondra and preparing for serious trouble,according to the current issue of The Phoenix Magazine"

The Mahon/Flood tribunal is now gunning for his immediate associates & life long friends,first off  one Tim Collins- member of the so called "Drumcondra Mafia", party fundraiser, confidant,and trustee of Fianna Fail's command centre "St Lukes" in Drumcondra.

Collins and Ahern are extremely close and Tim was present on many occasions in the past when Bertie met important investors intent on doing business in the field of "property development"

One such individual Tom Gilmartin remembered his presence-but not his name- when he met Bertie in 1988. Tom,an outsider and blow in from John Bull's country, was truly "shafted"(to use Bertie's recent terminology) by the Fianna Fail property Mafia shortly afterwards and it will be remembered that he vented his spleen in the Tribunal after "Pee" Flynn (of trousered cheques fame) made disparaging remarks about the poor man on R.T.E.

The circumstances in which Tim made a killing of 700,000 euros are unusual. He, in partnership with the McCann (Fyffes) family were the beneficial owners of a company called "Deepriver Ltd" which purchased land on the site of the "Battle of the Boyne" for 3.4 million euros and sold it on a few weeks later to the state for 9.4 million euros.

The reason this er, stroke of fortune happened was that at the same time as they were buying the land by an incredible coincidence,Bertie was minded to create a memorial park to King William of Orange in honour of his glorious protestant victory over the papist forces here, some centuries past.

When Judge Alan Mahon questioned Tim Collins initially, poor Tim had forgotten completely about the deal, (so much Alzheimers among the old soldiers of destiny nowadays) a lapse of memory which the judge described as "extraordinary" and "astonishing" and said that poor Tim's recollection was vague and poor "to a greater extent even than we might be used to".This is some distinction to bestow on a witness before a tribunal that has jailed Liam Lawlor for his obfuscation.!

In the last three months Collins has figured in three different deals being investigated by the Mahon Tribunal and his evidence has been shot through with inconcistencies.

The tribunal is now scrutinizing Collins bank accounts to try and shed more light on his wheelings and dealings with other august tribunal guests such as Frank Dunlop,Liam Lawlor,and the notorious drink/driving T.D. G.V. Wright.

Bertie Ahern had no direct dealings with any of the land transactions under enquiry,but don't turn over any stones if you walk through the rose garden in St Lukes.You don't know what-or whom- you may find underneath..

How squeaky flea free can this "Boss of bosses" be, -who's been lying down with dogs for all to see.!

Well lets see..

"ONE of the main fundraisers for Taoiseach Bertie Ahern's constituency has been linked to a business consortium being investigated by the Mahon Tribunal.

It has been alleged that land agent Tim Collins was the person who introduced lobbyist Frank Dunlop to a businessman who was trying to get land rezoned near Dublin Airport.

Mr Dunlop told the tribunal that Mr Collins, who was one of the fundraisers for Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, had introduced him to one of his former clients, John Butler. Mr Butler is a member of a consortium that retained Mr Dunlop to lobby county councillors on land rezoning in north Co Dublin.

Mr Butler has claimed that the lobbyist wanted the businessmen to pay money to advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi on behalf of Fianna Fail, in lieu of the fees due to him.

This was said to be part of a "a pick-me-up arrangement", which was a legitimate way of political fundraising in the 1990s.

Yesterday, Mr Dunlop denied to the tribunal that he had never asked a client to pay this "pick-me-up".

The lobbyist said it was a "divine revelation" to be told that Mr Butler was saying these things about him.

Des Richardson, formerly investigated by the tribunal, "was part of the same team, part of the fundraising group which raised funds for the Taoiseach," Mr Dunlop said.

"When Mr Ahern was appointed Minister for Finance, he appointed Mr Richardson as fundraiser for Fianna Fail and Mr Richardson later became an officer at Marlborough Recruitment."

He added: "Mr Tim Collins was a well-known supporter of a particular politician in a particular constituency."

Mr Dunlop said that he had met Mr Collins at fundraising functions for Fianna Fail, including those held at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham.

These particular functions were organised by Joe Burke and were for the party's O'Donovan Rossa Cumann. "Bertie Ahern, whether as a minister or a TD or a member of the opposition, was always the guest of honour," Mr Dunlop added.

He said he was a little bit curious as to why Mr Butler, whom he would have suspected of being a Fianna Fail supporter, tried to transfer the responsibility for the "pick-me-up" to him. "

Lorna Reid (Irish Independent)

No index linked pensions for exploited staff in Fianna Fail,s "Old folks homes"

Despite the ringing of alarm bells in official corridors, the Government only responded to the Leas Cross debacle, after an RTE Prime Time investigation in May 2005 . Not surprising as Bertie Ahern had performed the opening ceremony !

For Fianna Fail cronies John & Georgina Aherne

The programme was greeted by a wave of revulsion and public outrage which stung the Government into action.

The allegations of badly treated patients provoked an unprecedented outcry and the nursing home subsequently closed.

But a searing document seen by the Irish Independent shows that health board officials had real grounds for worry much earlier - as far back as the summer of 2004. Raising compelling concerns, it was sent to the Northern Area Health Board by Martin Hynes, who was then investigating complaints about the nursing home, on behalf of the health authorities.

It listed complaints the author was made aware of, including, The practice of only one nurse on at night when around 91 residents were there;

Referring to the practice of sending high dependency patients to Leas Cross for respite care from other centres he asked: "Is there an element of warehousing in Leas Cross?" He also asked whether foreign workers in the home may have been nervous about speaking out on behalf of patients in case their jobs or status were jeopardised.

The exposure of the obscene abuse of elderly residents at Leas Cross Nursing Home outside Swords, Co. Dublin has sickened and appalled people.

This scandal is just another twist in the story of a heath service that has lurched from crisis to crisis under the stewardship of Mary Harney. Nine months after coming to office her promise that she was going to give us a "world class" health service. This sounds very hollow against the backdrop of patients on trolleys, and the Leas Cross scandal.

It is quite clear that while Leas Cross was at the centre of this scandal, these type of conditions, abuse and neglect of the elderly are widespread. Leas Cross has lifted the lid on a litany of stories of old people all over the country living in freezing conditions, with inadequate medical attention and appalling food provision. In one example, leftovers were scraped off plates and used to make dinner the next day and in another case, it was discovered that the residents were able to shower only once every ten days!

There has been a 135% increase in the number of new private nursing homes. This is not surprising, as private nursing homes have become a lucrative business. The lack of public nursing homes is forcing the old into the hands of those whose primary interest is profit and not the care of elderly.

Generous tax breaks for nursing home owners are on offer from the government. They can buy a site in a rural green belt area at a cheap price and then get it rezoned significantly adding to their wealth. On top of this of course, there is the massive amount of money to be made in fees in this privately run, non-regulated part of the health service. Residents at the Leas Cross nursing home are charged €45,000 a year and its owners made a profit of almost €500,000 last year!

Care for the elderly is viewed by this government as a profit making business. As Joe Higgins TD said, "In all areas of life when the capitalists' greed for profit dominates, humanity goes out the window. Comprehensive care for the elderly should be organised by the State with sufficient resources to provide each person with security and dignity for their twilight years".
The Minister for Health Mary Harney wants to privatise our health service. She wants profit to become the motive for all heath care in this country.

Leas Cross is a damning indictment of private medicine and a powerful argument of why people must oppose this government's agenda to privatise our health service.Leas Cross show that there have been as many as 100 complaints about private nursing homes in the last 12 months alone.

Meanwhile documents released to Fine Gael TD, Fergus O'Dowd, indicate that the government was aware of serious cases of nursing home mistreatment as early as February 2004. The documents, which Mr O'Dowd obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, show that at that time, the Junior Minister with special responsibilities for services to the elderly, Ivor Callely, was made aware of a case of mistreatment in Skerries.

This case had resulted in one elderly lady developing serious physical ailments and pressure sores, described by a doctor in Beaumont Hospital as 'the worst I had seen'. The patient was also 'severely dehydrated'.

"Minister Callely was appraised of this situation in February 2004 and appears to simply have treated the matter as a constituency TD and abandoned his ministerial responsibilities", said Fine Gael leader, Enda Kenny.

The Prime Time programme saw an undercover reporter, who is also a qualified care assistant, working in the Leas Cross nursing home for a number of weeks. Using a mixture of hidden cameras and interviews with concerned family members, it revealed serious issues, including untreated bedsores, poor hygiene, poor record keeping and a lack of activities for residents.

The family members of one patient described bedsores so deep, 'you could see through to the bone'.

The owners of the home, John and Georgina Aherne, Fianna Failers and friends of An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, had tried to stop the airing of the programme by seeking a High Court injunction. However just hours before the programme was to be screened, Mr Justice Frank Clarke, refused the application on the grounds that damages would be an adequate remedy if either applicant was successful in any future legal claim.

He added that the programme raised important issues of public interest.

A separate application for a similar injunction by the home's then-director of nursing, Denise Cogley, was also rejected by the court.

Meanwhile a new helpline for Irish people has been established by the UK group, Action on Elder Abuse. Anyone who is being abused or who suspects that someone else is can call 1800 940 010.

The HSE has also established an information line for any members of the public who may be concerned about older people in nursing homes or elsewhere. Call 1800 77 77 37, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm.

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has said the ERHA was warned of sub-standard conditions in Leas Cross Nursing Home ten months before the RTÉ Prime Time investigation was broadcast.

Mr Kenny described the Leas Cross scandal as social savagery and he criticised the HSE for failing to take action against the owners of the nursing home despite numerous warnings in the preceding year.

In November 2006 the HSE blamed system failures for the situation that arose in the Leas Cross Nursing Home and said that, following the Prime Time investigation, they immediately moved to rectify the situation.

Mr Kenny said that inspectors were well aware of the conditions in the nursing home as early as August 2004.

He quoted directly from a letter sent to the ERHA by a healthcare management consultant outlining conditions he witnessed in the nursing home.

The author of the letter is Martin Hynes, who carried out an independent investigation into the death of former Leas Cross patient Peter McKenna.

During his visit to Leas Cross, Mr Hynes was accompanied by an inspector from the Health Board.

Mr Hynes also disputes the claims by the HSE that there is a robust system of inspections now in place.

Many of Bertie Ahern,s political and business cronies countrywide operate nursing homes as a sidline to their other activities, so who wants a troublesome, effectual inspectorate poking their noses in this arena-not Fianna Fail!

TWO nursing homes being prosecuted for alleged breaches of care regulations are owned by a company headed by leading property developer Terry Devey, it was confirmed in November 2006 .(A few derisory fines perhaps.?)

His company, Devey Healthcare, also owns St Doolagh's nursing home in Balbriggan in Dublin, which has been told not to admit any more residents. (Hard to say no to a grand a week, per body)

Generous tax incentives to build nursing homes have led to a growing number of  Fianna Fail property developers to becoming involved in the business in recent years.


The company, part of the Devey Group, has already availed of tax incentives to build various properties in Smithfield in inner city Dublin, including Chief O' Neill's hotel, which was sold earlier this year for €20m.

A case taken by the Health Service Executive in the north east against Delvin Lodge in Gormanston, Co Meath, was adjourned for a second time in Drogheda district court yesterday.

It is alleged it failed to prevent toxic conditions and infestations at the facility; that it had no warm bedding for elderly patients; that it failed to keep records of patients' medical history at the time of admission and that it did not have enough staff.

However Devey Healthcare Limited did plead guilty to seven other offences.

Judge Flann Brennan did not hear any evidence and adjourned all matters relating to both nursing homes to a date to be finalised next month. A case against Castle Lodge - a second home owned by Devey Healthcare - is due to be heard next month.

It is alleged that the home failed to give appropriate equipment for the administration of a "peg" feeder, which is a device used to feed infirm patients through a tube directly to the stomach.

A spokesman for the company said yesterday once alleged problems in the home in Co Meath were highlighted last year, a nursing home consultant was brought in.

He added Devey Healthcare is professionally run and there is no reason why investment from construction for nursing homes would not be as good as that from government or other sources.

Tax relief is allowed at a rate of 15pc per annum for six years and at 10pc in year seven in respect of the construction or refurbishment of the nursing home.

Eilish O'Regan (Irish Independent)

Jobs for the boys are unadvertised!

A bad friday for the prods !Sectarian discrimination in cross border body!:

Sept 006 An employment tribunal is about to hear a claim that a friend of Mr Ahern was handed a plum position on a cross-border body without it being advertised.

Brian McTeggart was last week cleared to take an unfair dismissals claim over his sacking last year from his job as Director of Corporate Services in Waterways Ireland, the body set up under the Good Friday Agreement to administer rivers, lakes and canals.

Mr McTeggart claims he was dismissed for "making a disclosure in the public interest" in January 2003 when he claimed a former senior aide to the Taoiseach had been secretly allocated a directorship without due process being followed.

The appointment to the board of Martin Dennany, a former official in the Department of the Taoiseach, was made in 2002. Mr Dennany was "designated" as the Director of Marketing and Communication.

Mr McTeggart says he would have met the criteria for this post but was denied the opportunity to apply, as it was not advertised. He is claiming the exclusion amounted to discrimination on grounds of religion and race, since he is "Protestant, unionist and British".

Waterways Ireland is declining to comment, other than to indicate it intends to contest the matter fully. An interim hearing has been arranged for November to make arrangements for a full airing.

Last week Waterways Ireland failed in a preliminary claim on technical grounds that the case should not proceed.

Stormont Assembly members were told in September 2002 that all the board posts had been filled "following open competition". Ex-minister Michael McGimpsey said he was extremely angry at having been misinformed.

Shure it goes on everywhere..and Fianna Fail do it better than most.!!

Curbing the C.A.B.

One who got away...

May 2006 Media reports indicate that the government via theD.P.P.(director of public prosecutions) is hell bent on nobbling the hugely successful Criminal Assets Bureau.The legal profession are hugely jealous of the ease with which they bypass expensive and long drawn out legal strategems in the Four Goldmines,and there is a move afoot to bring them under the control of the Judiciary. Back to square one again..

It appears that most of the common criminals and drug dealers have been dealt with,and the remainder are operating much more covertly with their assets now well hidden outside the jurisdiction .

The C.A.B have moved on to the Companies office,to sort out the white collar criminals; fraudsters, crooked builders, accountants, solicitors, dodgy businessmen of all kinds who are enduring the pain of shock unannounced raids on their premises.This is not playing the old game,when businessmen were given ample notice of the arrival of Revenue,and often forestalled their enquiries indefinitely in the four courts.

Question is: Is Michael McDowell behind this attempt to destroy the one success story,( created by the rainbow coalition) which Fianna Fail has not yet emasculated-despite the fact they are now in hot pursuit of the coterie of speculators who inhabit the hospitality tent at Ballybritt during Galway race week.? 

or has the scheme to emasculate the hugely unpopular C.A.B, got Bertie's full approval.?

Bertie has to get a few bob from the rich nowadays, since Brussels forced him to  reducing the corporation tax rate, in order to hold on to the big american companies located here-otherwise his cronies would still be getting away with blue murder.!

Dermot Ahern to enrich our children's children.

Government press release from Dermot,May 2006.

Ireland is laying claim to ownership of a potentially oil or gas rich patch of international waters hundreds of miles south-west of Kerry.

In a joint submission to the United Nations Spain, France and the United Kingdom have joined Ireland in a bid to secure control of the area known as the Celtic Shelf. The area is some 200 nautical miles from shore.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern predicted that if successful, Ireland could reap massive dividends as demand for oil and gas soars in the next few decades.

"In years to come Ireland's claim for a much greater slice of the seas hundreds of miles off our coast will be seen as tremendously significant," he said. "We probably don't have either the technologies or the economics of scale to work in such waters but as energy prices continue to soar and become scarcer and our ability to tap these resources is realised, our exclusive exploration rights to such vast expanse of ocean will pay dividends for the generations to come."

"We are effectively locking up control of thousands of square kilometres of unexplored seabed deep into the mid and south Atlantic for our children and their children."

The Celtic Shelf, which covers an area the size of Ireland, is situated between on the Celtic Sea and the Bay of Biscay.

Ireland could be in line for more than 30 per cent of the area.

The submission will be made in June to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea chaired by Dr Peter Croker from the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources. Officials will study it over the next few years and, if accepted, the four countries will be obliged to thrash out a deal to secure a chunk of the waters

Removefiannafail website press release; Every Fianna Fail Minister Since Ray Burke has, for the past two decades handed exploratory licences to all and sundry for free, and further guaranteed tax exempt status for all oil discovered.

Holiday time again boys.!

Where have all the "Soldiers" gone.?

                              To spend your taxes every one.!


200 million of taxpayers funds spent attracting visitors to Fianna Failers hotels & golf courses.

Rezone dealing in council chambers.Killarney. March 2006.

Fianna Fáil councillor Patrick O'Donoghue, who is also managing director of the Gleneagle Hotel Group, which he owns with his family, confirmed after the meeting to rezone his lands that he had lobbied support for the motion. Cllr O'Donoghue is also a director of Fáilte Ireland. (which spends many many millions of taxpayers money advertising the attractions of Patrick ODonoghue,s hotels.!!)

Tourist boss John O'Donoghue, and Failte Ireland are currently trying to wrestle control of  the Killarney Golf and fishing club from a handful of recalcitrant non local/shareholders/members who are not cooperating with a scheme to privatise the club and turn a 3 million debt into a hundred million euro bonanza for some hundreds of  Killarney fat cat "poor farmers 'and sundry club members.!

NO to yellow pack law enforcement.

April 2006
We have more entertainment from the Martin Cullen show-
a grandiose declaration of new powers for Gardai to do random breath tests,although the majority of those being  tested at present escape penalties with the aid of a good solicitor.
Now if he had reversed his plans and privatized random breathtesting,and left the speed cameras to the Gardai(and the McDowell fusiliers)we would believe that the Soldiers of Destiny were moving beyond the propaganda and doing our citizens,and the state "some service' at last.!

Look at how efficient the car clampers are.30 seconds over parking time and your locked.! If we only had them outside the crowded pub car parks at closing time,-the mind boggles.!! Dream on good citizen.

A party of expediency-at any cost in human life.


Production manager Vincent McCormick, 36, from Mantua, Co Roscommon, killed two people last year(2004) on his way home from a Christmas party at the factory where he worked. He was so drunk he didn't realise he had already hit one car, forcing it off the road, and when he crashed into the car in which his victims died he believed he had hit a signpost.

Mother-of-three Theresa Smith, 50, from Williamstown, Co Galway, and 44-year-old father-of-two Martin Connor from Mantua, Co Roscommon, were in that car and died around midnight on December 18, 2004.

In October 2005, Mr McCormick walked free from Roscommon Circuit Court - a €1,000 fine and a 10-year driving ban his only punishment.

Ms Smith's sister Mae Murray said: "We all have compassion for him and his family. He has killed two people so he must be suffering. He is not the issue. The issue is the criminal justice system. He is a criminal and he walked free. The message that is giving out is what concerns us most."

A RETIRED garda,Frank Hayes , knocked down two teenage girls and killed a 71-year-old man ,Gordon Geary at stepaside,Dublin in July 2004,causing serious bodily harm to his wife. He was jailed for five years,in January 2006, for dangerous driving ,that caused death.

He was driving home from a golf tournament at the time.

He also pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing serious bodily harm at Blackglen Road to Natalie Woods and Edel Halligan and to driving while drunk.

Within minutes of speeding off after hitting and seriously injuring the two teenage girls he collided with a Mercedes car. That led to the death of its driver, the court heard.

Press release; "Fianna Fail will  introduce random breath testing,on our roads & outside pubs packed with parked cars." ?

(Random speed traps- yes.They are expected to be a big money spinner.    Upset the publicans ?

(40% of their T.D.'s !)?....Election talk...  NEVER will it happen.!

In February 2006, it was revealed that although half a million penalty points have been issued in the last three years, this has led to the disqualification of a total of only 19 drivers. !!

Gardai have said they have the "go ahead " from the Attorney General to introduce random breath testing,but refused to divulge the nature of the advice they have been given by the AG .(re random breath testing).

 It is expected there will be a slew of legal challenges to the so called "new policy" which is being implemented "slap dash" soly as a Fianna Fail public relations exercise, without any new legislation whatsoever to back it up. There are no new enforcement laws.The newspapers should refuse to print lies and propaganda and stick to hard facts,lest their more gullible readers give some credence to Bertie,s "spin machine" department in government buildings.

Since the Government took office, more than 3,500 people have died in road traffic "accidents", and about 100,000 have been injured. One quarter of all road deaths occur between 10pm and 4am, and most of these involve drunk driving.

The "new policy" comes despite mounting legal challenges to drunk-driving charges in the courts. At least 25 separate points of law are being challenged in district courts and appeals to higher courts. Some of the country's top lawyers have been engaged to challenge the basis on which their clients were stopped and breath tested,and 95% of all courts cases end in acquittal

One of the main legal challenges that has led to dozens of cases being struck out in recent years concerns the legal and constitutional grounds on which gardai formed an opinion that they should breath test a person on the assumption that they had been drinking.

It is claimed the gardai will be able to mount checkpoints near to pubs and anyone they "suspect of being unfit to drive" will be stopped and tested on the spot.

Out of 4,143 cases brought to court last year, a total of 1,566 were struck out and 650 dismissed and 41 District Court decisions were reversed on appeal. If they cant convict the existing culprits,what point in pretending they can deal with the new ones.?

This whole process consumes huge amounts of Garda time,enriches thousands of lawyers, reduces the amount of time that gardai are available to tackle drug gangs, and results in much ado about absolutely nothing achieved.

Business as usual with Fianna Fail.

While F.F. lined their pockets for decades,Dublin motorists suffered.

Typical of the sufferings of a generation of citizens,from the abysmal record of this government, where improving amenities and safe driving in Dublins Phoenix Park is concerned-is the notorious Whites Cross where literally thousands suffered injury during the past two decades.

Now a new roundabout controls this previously deadly crossroads.

Did it suddenly appear because of the representations of the unfortunate motorists of west Dublin, who ran a gauntlet of death trying to cross this uncontrolled junction twice a day.' Alas no.It appeared because the cavalcade of government Limousines travelling to and from Berties new meeting place extravaganza in the park had to stop here before turning left off the main road.The recently purchased former home of Lord iveagh-a derlict mansion located near Castleknock Gate,which was riddled with dry rot and numerous structural defects- was bought at enormous cost and is now restored to its former glory-again at enormous cost (some 30 million euros) to the taxpayer.

We can be thankful that the V.I.P.s and ambassadors who were ferried to receptions here during recent years noticed the slight inconvenience of a dangerous crossroads-and Bertie sent a little note to Tom in the Board of Works to cure it.Democracy at work for sure.

 Heres a toast to Bertie Ahern and Tom Parlon,from the surviving motorists of West Dublin.


The gateway to hell.

THE Government reacted angrily in December 2005, after a leading US academic compared Taoiseach Bertie Ahern to a "shoe-shine boy" for President George Bush.

In a scathing attack on the Government's foreign policy, the influential anti-war academic Noam Chomsky accused Mr Ahern of "shining the shoes" of the US President by allowing US warplanes to use Shannon airport.

Speaking in advance of a lecture in Trinity College, Dublin next month, Professor Chomsky depicted the Government as little more than grovelling to US demands.

The 77-year-old - who is the eighth most quoted author in the world - asked whether Mr Ahern was following the will of the Irish people or following orders from Washington.

A long-time critic of US foreign policy, Professor Chomsky said the Taoiseach's actions in allowing Shannon to be used for the refuelling of US military aircraft could only be justified "if the goal of the Irish Government was to be the obedient servant of the global superpower". "This tells you that western politicians despise democracy and prefer to shine the shoes of the power," he said.             

The E.S.B.-a workers paradise.

"Tough" negotiations (with  taxpayers money) and the E.S.B unions"

Ireland-"Where electricity bills rise almost monthly"

01 January 2006
The ESB has agreed a €90 million deal with staff to "plug the hole" in the company's incredible generous pension scheme and "kick-start" (?) talks on a new "programme of reform" at the company.

Staff at the state-owned company are to receive a special pay allowance of €1,000 each to boost their own pension contributions over the next four years. As well as this, all 8,000 workers at the company will receive a
once-off lump sum of €3,000 for agreeing to enter talks on the new programme for change. This will cost the company €24million.!

The overall cost of the four-year pension deal is expected to be €18 million a year. However, the ESB will claw back some of this in tax allowances

funded by the exchequer. The company's contribution will increase by 4.5 per cent over four years, amounting to €2,000 for each pensionable staff member. This will cost the company €12 million a year. And thats just for agreeing to enter it for real? It is.The surreal world of state corporations subsidised by the highest electricity prices in the world.

If you think electricity is expensive now-just you wait ,you hav'nt seen the half of what's in store for you.

The E.S.B is a monolithic state sponsored oppressor.It is to the 21st century, in Ireland, what Aer Lingus was to the twentieth.The most expensive electricity in Europe, is akin to the 200 irish pounds Dublin London fare that irish citizens paid to the former state airline for decades, before the advent of Ryanair Aer Lingus and British Airways operated a happy cartel-under the loose eye of a Fianna Fail government for decades.But then, they were busy elswhere.!

As Aer Lingus became so rich they diverted into property & real estate speculation in the Costa Del Sol,and hotel empires in Britian and America.

Today we see this process unfold once more.

THE ESB is to build a second power station in Spain at a cost of around €500 million.

The semi-state company's international arm, ESBI, said yesterday that it has secured a site near Asturias, around 500 kilometres north-west of Madrid, and would be looking for permission to build a 800 megawatt power plant.
The ESB has operations and projects in over 35 countries, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Since the ESBI's establishment 27 years, it has completed projects in over 115 countries.

The Irish taxpayer has paid the ransom for their diversification.Just as they paid Aer Lingus for decades.

Fianna Fail,s fiendish , pyramid persuasion plan.!

The race against waste-it has to be faced.!

FIANNA FAIL FART.(Government press office release)

A HI-tech recycling collection plant, which has been operating for just a month, is to be shut down following the threat of legal action by a local (FIANNA FAIL) authority. !!

The site in Letterkenny, Co Donegal which opened in early December, was being run by the local Green Party and a private recycling firm.

More than 200 customers had availed of it over Christmas. They brought bottles, paper and cardboard and cans, which were compacted separately and then sent elsewhere for recycling.

But  Green Party spokesperson Frank Gallagher confirmed that the centre would be closed because of a threat by the Fianna Fail dominated, Donegal Co Council to seek a High Court injunction against the operators for alleged breaches of the 1996 Waste Management Act.!!

The council claims that the site was being operated without planning permission or a waste permit.

Mobile compactors capable of handling up to 14 times more material than a skip, and which were built in Donegal, were being used on the site.

The group had argued that planning permission was not a requirement because the equipment was mobile.

The Green Party is accusing the council of failing to implement its own waste management plan.

The operators have now offered the facility, which still has five months of a lease left, to the council free of charge.

Meanwhile,back in the Wicklow hills;

A MOBILE clean-up squad has been handed €350,000 by Environment Minister Dick Roche,in January 2006, to end the scourge of illegal dumping in his constituency by bin tax dodging,ordinary citizens.

The money is being spent on a special vehicle to remove rubbish illegally fly-tipped and to buy specialist equipment including CCTV with night vision.

The Wicklow Uplands Council will carry out the project in the hilly parts of the county.

(MAYNOOTH businessman,and well connected "Friend of Fianna Fail" Padraig Thornton, built up one of the country's leading waste disposal and "recycling" companies.He left estate valued at 44 million Euros net. Any chance we could get in on this racket Bertie-it certainly seems a lucrative one-even before you turned into the current massive monespinner. Padraig left without his ill gotten pockets in a habit.

"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime"

Mr Thornton of Barrockstown House, Maynooth, Co Kildare, died on March 29, 2005. R.I.P.  (Recycled In Paradise.!)

Can you guess who said this:?

"The company has always been at the forefront of quality and product development, and is committed to achieving an equally enviable reputation in training, health and safety, environmental standards, and most importantly customer service. These issues will remain our focus as we look forward to the continued implementation of the National Development Plan"

Which tax cheats get taxpayers money-on Bertie,s orders-after they are exposed.!


Tax-cheat farmers  get E.U. funds  from Bert Ahern, without having to produce evidence of honesty in their dealings with the state...( while even a taxidriver has to have a tax clearance certificate to renew his livelihood.!)

SOME 583 tax-cheating farmers will get the new EU Single Farm Payment next December - without producing a tax clearance certificate, the Department of Agriculture has confirmed. Farmers are the country’s biggest tax cheats and have paid over €45 million in default payments to the Revenue Commissioners over a three-year period,

according to an Irish Examiner analysis of the official figures. This was an average payment of €77,857 for each tax-defaulting farmer from March 2002 to March 2005.

A separate Revenue Commissioners report has also revealed that farmers paid the smallest income tax contribution of 1.5% compared with the PAYE workers, who paid the largest amount at 77.5% in 2002. In money terms, this translated to PAYE workers paying €6.7 billion in income tax that year compared to farmers who paid only €126.2m.

Oct 2006;

Talk about name and shame - farmers were shown this week to be the single biggest occupational tax defaulters, with 35 of them owing an average €84,359, out of a total of 170 settlements. And where were Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, FG leader Enda Kenny and Labour leader Pat Rabbitte on Tuesday? In Mogeely, in east Cork, for the National Ploughing Championships!

The Great ,Fianna Fail ,150 Million Euro, Health Lottery.


Liam,s ascent into heaven,malevolent media and a new angel in Paradise

 Nothing in his colourful life became him ,like the controversial manner of his leaving.. 

Quick quiz; What Tribunal witness declared of the Fianna Fail Cabinet,while giving evidence in Dublin Castle; 

"You lot make the F***ing Mafia look like monks"!

The answer is in our webpage;

Tourism boom anticipated with opening of new city pedestrian rambling walkways-due to pending Luas closure.

Deputy McDowell,and the P.D. lynch mob.The shafting of the investigate journalist who instigated the Flood/ corruption Tribunal.

Crystal Nacht-Connolly Nacht.?

Sean Doherty with a Dublin 4 accent;Michael McDowell (Minister for Justice). Quote; "When there are substantial reasons to believe that a threat to the State's democracy and authority exists, it is the right and duty of a Minister for Justice to act in the interests of the State."

Herr McDowell was not referring to the former Minister for Justice, Ray Burke whose downfall was set in motion by a report in the Sunday Business Post by investigative journalist Frank Connolly in 1997.

 December 2005,in Dail Eireann, Independent T.D. Finian McGrath,on behalf of Frank Connolly,founder of the C.P.I. and brother of a prominent member of the Sinn Fein political party ( which will hold the balance of power in the next election), demanded the resignation of the Minister for Justice,- Michael "The Mouth" McDowell.

He accused McDowell of entering Dail Eireann on "a false passport". He asked of Bertie Ahern why McDowell and Harney were welcomed into a coalition, to share power with one of the most inefficient and corrupt administrations in the history of the state. He indicated that the P.D,s former boss, Fianna Fail dissident desocrat, Dessie O Malley, (and his descendents) had spent long years lying alongside their supposed enemies ; scratching the same fleas, while bitching and complaining about the mange infected dogs with whom they had so readily encamped - the self same Soldiers of Destiny.!

Frank Connolly further accused "The Mouth McDowell" and his predecessors of being complicit in the gross mismanagement of the country,s affairs, lending succour to-and propping up, a manifestly corrupt administration, and aiding and abetting in the wasting hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers money on numerous other Fianna Fail inspired debacles since the notorious Larry Goodman beef insurance scam,etc etc.

McDowell,under Dail privilege,had made slanderous statements and disclosed documents purpoting to brand the aforementioned journalist ,whose reputation had heretefore been of the highest repute,- as a terrorist.

Frank Connelly,s crime had been in publishing two reports on corruption and maladministration by the Fianna Fail government,one relating to the cultural desecration of Trim Castle; the other concerning the controversial gas pipeline in Mayo which resulted in the jailing of a number of concerned activists who questioned it,s safety. 

The result of McDowell,s successful campaign of malice under privilege?-Mr Feeney’s charitable organisation, Atlantic Philanthropies, pulled its €800,000-a-year funding from the CPI .

The CPI had in recent months begun researching the €30 million purchase by Mr McDowell’s department of the Thornton Hall site in Co Dublin, earmarked for a new prison complex. !

So now the exposure of corruption in high places becomes "a threat to Democracy" in the new Kafkaesque world of Fianna Fails coalition partners.

Leaking a document from a garda file in an open case is a massive step. It compromises possible legal proceedings and undermines the DPP. And in this case it risked casting the police as assemblers of material for political use. This is all apart from the propriety of a Minister for Justice using the might of State resources to crush a perceived political enemy.

Emboldened, McDowell followed this up with an attack on Connolly under Dail privilege, on December 6. Gardai were "fully satisfied" that Connolly was a criminal.

Well, in the Seventies, gardai were fully satisfied that Nicky Kelly robbed a train. He spent four years in prison, was pardoned and compensated. In the Eighties, gardai were fully satisfied that a family was involved in the murder of a baby in Kerry - then the "Irish Independent " published the forensic evidence. In the Nineties, gardai were fully satisfied that Dean Lyons was a double murderer - then Jim Cusack exposed the fact that another man had confessed to the killings. In recent years, gardai werefully satisfied about the guilt of Frank Shortt and Frank McBrearty, until the truth came out. 

McDowell empowered a demonstrably corrupt police force to dispense with the Rule of Law ,the courts, and proper procedure in order to pass judgement on a fine journalist whose work has been the downfall of many of Mc Dowells corrupt colleagues in government.


No index linked pension on the high seas.

THREE bricklayers  said they are prepared to go to jail rather than stop picketing a building site where they want work.

The men who have been out of work for several months said they just want a job on the site where 77 local authority houses are being built near where they live in Ballybrack, Dublin.

A High Court judge ( in February 2005) told the trio to reflect on the consequences of their actions after they failed to comply with a court order to stop picketing outside the Collen Construction site at Wyatville Road/Laurel Avenue, Ballybrack

When the lady says no-does she really mean "NO."! ?

A "natural" coalition. Bertie and Sinn Fein?


The inside story of the banks great premium bond tax evasion scheme. !

Corruption in Meath County Council. F.F.Minister Noel Demsey,s brother involved. Business as usual.

The Trim Castle syndrome...repeated.

The trial of a man accused of the theft of a planning file in Co Meath was told in January 2nd 2006 that the defendant was a private detective investigating allegations of planning corruption in Navan.

William "Billy" Flynn (60) of Thistlewaite House, Rathcore, Enfield, Co Meath, pleaded not guilty to dishonestly appropriating the 11-year-old file at Navan Town Council's offices on Watergate Street on December 23rd, 2003.

Council officials have told the court the defendant had no permission to remove file TP 50/95 which relates to a site at Timmons Hill in Navan. The original owner claims he sold it to the council for use as a car park, but a developer bought it later and built apartments on it.

Mr Flynn claimed he had found 35 discrepancies in the report by a civil servant appointed to investigate concerns about the land deal. The court heard most of the file was returned to then superintendent in Navan Eamonn Courtney on December 30th and the accused handed over maps and drawings which were not included, when gardaí arrived at his home with a search warrant.

He alleges that several months before Navan Urban District Council acquired the site, a firm named Eracase Ltd had instructed architects that it owned the land and instructed them to draw up plans. Loman Dempsey, a brother of Minister for Communications Noel Dempsey, is a director of Eracase.

Barrister Alan Toale, defending, has argued that gardaí did not fully investigate his client's complaints and failed to talk to all the material.

Private detective William Flynn has been found not guilty of the theft of a planning file from Navan Town Council by a jury at Trim Circuit Criminal Court. Giving evidence in February 2006, Mr Flynn told the jury he had taken the file - relating to a plot of land off Ludlow Street in Navan - because he believed he had a duty to the taxpayers of Meath and Ireland. He claimed that companies or individuals associated with Meath County Council got council land worth £4 million pounds for £98,000. He said his taking of the file was "premeditated" and he did so at noon on December 23rd, 2003, when he knew the council was holding its Christmas party. "I would do it again, I did something for the taxpayers of Ireland. After taking it I was euphoric, I felt I had done something good for the people of Meath." He claimed the file related to "complex fraud" and "massive corruption". The jury also heard Mr Flynn had contacted the Mahon planning tribunal in relation to the issue. Mr Flynn (60), Thistlewaite House, Rathcore, Enfield, Co Meath, pleaded not guilty to a charge of dishonestly appropriating the 11-year-old planning file from the offices of Navan Town Council, Watergate Street, Navan on December 23rd, 2003. He said he was investigating allegations of planning corruption. Cross-examined by Garnet Orange, prosecuting, he said one of his clients was Navan publican James Curry, who was paying for his time. The court was told by former Navan town clerk John O'Donoghue that Mr Curry had a plot of land that provided the only access to eight other plots off Ludlow Street, Navan and all nine had been designated for urban renewal. "He held the trump card," Mr O'Donoghue said. The witness also said he had noticed that a draft letter seeking ministerial approval for the sale of the site, which is required when the sale is at less than the market value, was missing when he examined the file in 2001.

However, in reply to Mr Orange, he said that letter would have been in the land acquisition file and not the planning file. The land was sold to the town council for use as a car park but then bought by a developer and the apartment complex, The Steeples, was built on it. It is also alleged that some months before the council acquired the site, a company called Eracase Ltd had instructed architects that it owned the land and instructed them to draw up plans. Loman Dempsey, a brother of Minister for Communications Noel Dempsey, is a director of Eracase.

Mr Flynn told the jury he had removed the file for its "safe keeping". He told the then town clerk he would copy it and would return the original file to the gardaí and a certified copy to the council by the January 6th, 2004. Mr Flynn claimed that there was "Garda conspiracy of shutting down this investigation by charging me". Speaking after the verdict, which came after the jury deliberated for just under 90 minutes, Mr Flynn said he was relieved and that it had been very stressful in recent months. "Over the last 27 years, whenever I am doing a big case, the State attacks me before the case unfolds." He said the Garda Commissioner, Noel Conroy, had confirmed to him that there is a new Garda investigation under way into the planning file which is being undertaken by the Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Mr Flynn has become known in recent years for his work into allegations of corruption among some gardaí in Donegal. This has been the subject matter of the Morris tribunal which is continuing.

When will the real criminals be put on trial.? Not by the Gardai they won't. Fianna Fail's lackeys.Partners in corruption.

Public land for sale. Fianna Fail cronies only, need apply.Coillte is clearly crooked.

Coillte and Lough Key Forest Park

There were no attempts made by Coillte Teo. to consult with the local communities or NGOs regarding the sale or development of their land at Lough Key, Roscommon, to the Newfound Consortium.

The 865 acres of mixed woodlands and open parkland, as well as a 6 mile diameter lake and a number of islands, were all formerly part of the Rockingham Estate and include 23 protected structures recorded in the Roscommon County Development Plan.

All the planned developments will be within the bounds of Lough Key Forest Park. If the planned developments go ahead, 140 hectares of the 350 hectares comprising the park, or 40% of the park, will be developed. In total, there is one hotel, one 18-hole golf course and 304 holiday homes planned for the site.

The planning saga typifies the planning cases that arise again and again with heritage sites that are patently unsuitable for development – useless – if any -interventions by the Department of the Environment, key missing pagers from the EIS, material contraventions of Development Plans without any assessment..

So too has gone Lough Rynn and Lough Muckno. ‘Coillte’s Chief Executive has said that more than 40 separate negotiations for sale of their lands are ongoing at any one time. How many of these developments are fundamentally incompatible with the natural heritage, historical value and landscape quality of their locations?’ How many demonstrate any real consultation?

Rabbite demands an end to "Special relationship" between Fianna Fail & Bishops.

Tomb raiders.

The hidden location of Liam Lawlors burial place near Dublin was discovered and ransacked by grave robbers,early in the twentyfirst century according to reports in the current issue of the National Geographic Magazine.(March 2050) Liam,a disgraced Minister in the Fianna Fail government(Ireland) of the late twentieth century, was reputed to have amassed vast riches and property,during his lifetime. It is customary among the Soldiers of Destiny that they are sent to the other world ,well provided for,in order to appease the Gods and purchase a place in Paradise.

His grave would have certainly have contained vast treasures,precious gems , gold ornaments,and possibly the deeds to an extensive property portfolio in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

A dynasty endangered.?

Eddie Hobbs appeared (albeit briefly) amongst us in recent times, like a latter day Jesus Christ preaching the home truths that we all suspected,but none had the courage or wisdom to enunciate; that only the politicians,the high priests,the lawyers,farmers and speculators in our society are reaping a harvest beyond the dreams of avarice,while life continues as a daily struggle for the vast majority of ordinary people.