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The Galway races" NAMA handicap chase" prize money shock

A group of Fianna Fail connected developers have offered to sponsor the "NAMA handicap chase", a new race which is expected to attract an enormous attendance at Ballybritt In Galway during race week.

Mr Brian Lenehan has indicated that  80 billion Euros in prize money will be availible (courtesy of the Irish taxpayer).

The runners and riders are so numerous that they begger belief.

Watch last years NAMA Handicap Chase on Youtube:

Food price shock report.

IRISH people are being forced to pay more than most Europeans for food and we're even being charged

more for products that are made here.

Despite a wave of recession-busting price cuts, research showed Ireland is almost one-third more expensive

than the UK for common items such as bread, milk and meat.

Shoppers here pay the second-highest prices in Europe with only Danish consumers forking out more for

food, new EU research shows.

The figures showed Irish prices were 29pc higher than the EU average, compared to 40pc in Denmark.

Greedy piggies; greedy supermarket bosses;greedy farmers (too many handouts); greedy developers(high rents); greedy Councillors;(high rates) greedy TD's (obscene expenses); and now they want workers to work for buttons, who is responsible?

Figures from Eurostat, the EU statistics agency, showed Ireland was almost twice as expensive as the

cheapest country in the union,Romania!

The economist, who has carried out research for independent grocers' group RGDATA, said the costs of doing

business here are more than elsewhere in the EU and chains are earning higher margins.

Irish Farmers Association president John Bryan predictably blamed the shops " the findings confirmed the

country's food supply chain was broken" he indicated.

"It is clear there is an urgent need to restore equity to the food supply chain with average farm incomes a

deplorable �12,000 and the retail multinationals declaring huge profits."

Tribal dealings with crony tribesmen:Fianna Fail's "blood brothers", Rohan & Barret are on life support-with more taxpayers money!

TAXPAYERS "MAY"  have to provide money to a company backed by high-profile developers John Ronan and Richard Barrett through the State�s toxic loans agency Nama.

Ex Taoiseach-now presidential candidate- Bertie Ahern, cashes in on growing suicide numbers

Pyrite blues and negative equity.

As if negative equity were not enough, now the Soldiers of Destiny proudly present their countrywide production of an ongoing saga; The Pyrite Problem.

However the show is not open to the general public.     Question is..will the banks who fund new mortgages have a secret list?? Will Fianna Fail create a brand new Quango called

 "The Pyrite Protection Partnership "   dedicated to testing all new homes throughout the Land of Leprechauns, before potential buyers take the plunge in the -ahem- falling property market? 

If I had such a property on my plate I would certainly take Mr Bertie Ahern's advice and commit suicide!

A JUDGE has ordered a ban on naming more than 25 new housing estates where residents have complained that their homes have been damaged due to the use of Pyrite.

To prevent panic among potential buyers..

Whistleblower jailed for revealing secret files of Pyrite developments

A young man living in a Pyrite Development in Dublin was jailed for 5 years today, for describing the condition of his house to a young couple who had arrived with an estate agent to view an adjacent property.
Judge Balls today sentenced Tom Squeeler of  69 Dodgy Park Estate to 5 years imprisonment for answering the door of his home when two anxious newlyweds called to ask if there were any cracks in house.
He told the prospective buyers that the estate "was riddled with broken up homes, and  near suicidal owners".
the Judge indicated that an example must be set and if such people were to blow the whistle on dodgy developments all around the country, then the National Assets Management Agency would never be able to stimulate the market and recover the  countless billions of Euros that Fianna Fail's developer pals had borrowed from foreign banks

The Economics of Doom.

There IS a solution to Ireland's economic crisis. It is very simple because ECONOMICS DOES NOT LIE. It is contained in the three pronged strategy contained in the following paragraph:

The 'Bord Snip Nua' Report (of the 'Special Group on Public Service Numbers & Expenditure'), published by the Irish Government on July 16th 2009 identified savings in Exchequer non pay areas of €5.3 billion in a full year. These, once implemented, could have the potential of slowing down the clock by a third. However, the 'Bord Snip' cuts would, in themselves, still not be sufficient, as the Irish state remains on a trajectory of borrowing almost €20 billion a year. However. an across-the-board public sector pay cut of 15 to 20 per cent, IN ADDITION, to the non pay cuts outlined in the Bord Snip (McCarthy) Report, as outlined below, would, in conjunction with large cuts in state capital expenditure projects in the Public Capital Programme, be enough to effect a stabilisation of the Irish fiscal trajectory, and a slowdown in the Debt Clock to a sustainable level.
Watch the money clock that Brian Lenehan is borrowing every second, to pay civil servants bloated wages, and impoverish generations to come:

Letters to the Editor

"Words like nepotism, largesse and cronyism are employed by polite and civilised society to convey its discomfiture with immoral conduct.

But the times in which we live demand that we develop a language and attitude more fitting to both describe and challenge the enemy Ireland faces today.

Very simply, public life has been criminalised"

Liam Lawlor left little behind in the Irish jurisdiction for his debtors to pick at. He cheated them all-except the Grim Reaper.

The secret investment dealings of Liam Lawlor in Moscow and Prague, on behalf of his Irish Mafiosi developer associates, may never be revealed.
 Liam took his secrets with him to the grave.His interpreter got a life pension from the Irish media and would get a bullet in the head if she told any tales..Nobody messes with the Russian Mafia. Do his family know where his vast wealth is hidden ?.If they do they are not telling.

A brief history of Fianna Fail: crony landowners, farmers and developers,and the destruction of an entire nation by naked greed.

Ghost estates, negative equity and soul-sapping commutes are the legacy of our planning-free property bubble. Cleaning up the zoning mess won't be easy, writes FRANK McDONALD , Environment Editor

The mantra of the boom years might well have been “Build it and they will come.” And for 10 years or more it worked. But the frenzy of construction was bound to come to an end, leaving Ireland littered with incongruous developments – as well as tens of thousands of vacant houses in ghost estates.

In 2003, when we first took a long look at the commuter counties, it was evident that much of this unplanned growth had been fuelled by Dubliners fleeing exorbitant property prices. Getting their hands on relatively affordable houses, even in places they had barely heard of, seemed worth the commute.

The trend of Dublin leapfrogging into Leinster and even, with Cavan and Monaghan, into Ulster ran counter to all planning policies, but this was simply ignored. The complacent view at the time was that the growth of Commuterland would tail off when the houses “out there” lost their value, which they now have.

It was in many ways a plan-free zone. Sure, there were plans aplenty – at local, county, regional and national level. But none of them really meant anything, as council after council indulged in an orgy of rezoning so that landowners could cash in on development values and every county in Leinster and beyond could grab a share of Dublin’s growth.

Local area plans intended to provide orderly frameworks for development were often subverted by councillors and used as vehicles to satisfy the greed of farmers, speculators and developers. And regional planning guidelines that were meant to take a broader view turned out to be paper tigers that could safely be ignored locally.

800 new secure SIPTU sponsored pensionable new jobs announced for white elephant terminal at Dublin Airport that no airline wants to occupy!!

How many years will it take for the EU Commission to strike down Fianna Fail's ruinous and clearly discriminatory and illegal travel tax.?

The Commission for Aviation Regulation prompted by Minister Noel Dempsey is going to hike the charges at Dublin airport by up to 40 % in the coming years for passengers leaving from both the old terminal and the new white elephant palace alike to pay for the escalating debt of the DAA which is estimated to reach 1 billion in the next few years.

This is on top of the existing government stealth tax levy of 10 Euros on every ticket into and out of the country..

At present the taxes and charges at Dublin airport frequently exceed the cost of a ticket.

The destruction of our tourist industry will soon be complete.

How many  stag party groups will fly from England to Dublin for a wild spending weekend ,when they can go to Portugal or Spain for less and drink for far less,and stay there for far less-?

I asked the European Commission to strike down this totally illegal tax two years ago as it discriminates between internal and international flights.

My petition is winding its weary wat through the Brussells bureaucracy and no doubt in another 2 years it will be outlawed-and immediately replaced by another revenue gathering imposition under another name.

By then our tourist industry will be totally destroyed.

Hotels are already suffering from new concepts such as home swop organizations of which I am a member.

I have travelled the world in recent years and never had to pay a penny for accomodation or car hire.

This government has always turned to more tax to pay for its profligacy but this time they are driving the country-not to recovery-but to utter and total ruin.

The proprietor of this web site has-two years ago-asked that the illegal travel tax imposed by Fianna Fail be struck down as it is clearly in contravention of European law.

Two years later we have been informed that the investigation is ongoing. Fianna Fail will likely be out of office in 2012,and at this rate of progress it will be at an even later date that this  matter is finally resolved!.

Given that the total taxes imposed on Irish citizens travelling abroad now frequently exceeds the cost of the airline ticket,  is it any wonder that the illegal tax- plus the other ever increasing charges which are now imposed by the government to pay for the new DAA "white elephant" passenger terminal, is destroying the Irish tourist industry?

Latest correspondence from the EU Parliament Commission:
Your browser may not support display of this image. 

Committee on Petitions




      Subject: Petition 1647/2008 by Mr. David Collins (Irish), on alleged breaches of EC legislation by the new Irish aviation departure tax

      Petition 1678/2008 by Mr. John McDermott (Irish), on alleged breaches of EC legislation by the new Irish aviation departure tax

    1. Summary of petition 1647/2008

The petitioner considers that the newly introduced aviation departure tax for the citizens flying from Ireland to other EU member states would beach EC legislation. He asks the European Parliament to have the Commission investigate the matter.

 Summary of petition 1678/2008
 The petitioner complains about the introduction of an aviation departure tax for people flying from Ireland to other European destinations. The petitioner considers that this tax breaches the EU legislation and asks the European Parliament to investigate the matter.

    2. Admissibility

Petition No. 1647/2008 declared admissible on 24 March 2009 and Petition No. 1678/2008 declared admissible on 25 March 2009. Information requested from Commission under Rule 202(6).

    3. Commission reply, received on 26 October 2009.

The Air Travel Tax has been applicable since 30 March 2009 at all Irish airports, except for very small ones, on flight tickets for outbound flights from Ireland. The Irish authorities have drawn a radius of 300 km around Dublin airport. All flights taking place within this circle are subject to a 2€ levy per passenger, while all other flights are subject to a 10€ levy per passenger.

 The petitioner considers this tax to be discriminatory and unlawful, and he refers to the cases of Portugal and Malta, where roughly similar taxes have successfully been abolished.
 The Commission has requested information from the Irish Authorities about the nature of the Air Travel Tax, and in particular the basis for the distinction drawn between these two categories of flights and the proportionality of the levy. The Commission will subsequently evaluate the compliance of this tax with Community legislation and case-law, and inform the Parliament accordingly.

    4. Commission reply, received on 11 May 2010.

In the light of further information on the operation of the tax received from the Irish authorities, the Commission has analysed the tax and its compatibility with provisions of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union enshrining the freedom to provide services (article 56) as well as article 15(1) of Regulation 1008/2008 which lays down the conditions for the operation of air services by carriers within the European Union1.


The tax is levied at two different rates depending upon the distance of a given flight's destination from Dublin Airport. The Commission is concerned that this may mean that substantially different conditions are imposed on cross-border flights compared to those operated wholely within Ireland and that the tax could, therefore, constitute an infringement of European law. The Commission is currently investigating the case accordingly.

A nexus of sleaze, cronyism, & corruption:TASC report:Mapping the Golden Circle of corrupt politicians,connected businessmen and bankers, who sit on the boards of every institution which dominates the commercial life of the nation.

An oligarchy of Venetian Doges who have crippled the country: Read the report:
For a detailed analysis of Fianna Fail's "Mystical body" of greed and corruption:

Retarded developers son with helicopter pilot licence pleads he was conned into borrowing 2 million Euros by unscrupulous lenders.!

When wannabee developers fall out..
"A SON of hotelier Jim Mansfield and three other businessmen must immediately repay a €6m loan given to them to develop lands in Co Meath, the Commercial Court ruled yesterday.
Given Mr Mansfield's difficulties, it was surprising to find he could fly a helicopter and was a director of 25 companies with a wide range of activities and had signed annual returns for those, the judge observed"
His Daddy is a more successful ducker and diver-worth an estimated 400 million thanks to a crony relationship with the Soldiers of Destiny.

Crooked Mayo based Fianna Fail Euro MP uses 50,000 bribe money to buy a farm and a forest and an obscene pension (for his wife!)

THE wife of former Fianna Fail minister Padraig Flynn has been paid more than €200,000 in state forestry grants after being designated as a 'farmer'.

She also admitted she had never farmed it in any meaningful way. The Mahon Tribunal has suggested that the purchase of the land by Mrs Flynn was funded from the proceeds of the IR£50,000 (€63,500) donation given to her husband by the builder Tom Gilmartin.

Mrs Flynn told the tribunal that she could remember nothing about the three bogus non-resident accounts in AIB Castlebar, but accepted that she was more than likely the person who operated the accounts.

No hardship impending among any of our political classes.!

From the people who brought you NAMA. stealth taxes, and unemployment:

TD's top up their pay with rental income.

"From student accommodation to villas on Lake Garda in sunny Italy, our landlord class of politicians has made canny property investments"

Sunday  Independent,June 06 2010

FIANNA Fail Senator 

Ivor Callely's luxury west Cork holiday home may have tumbled in value by 40 per cent, but he

 is among 34 out of 60 senators who have rental or development properties as far away as the US and Dubai.

Despite his obscene wealth,Ivor has confessed to suffering a "breakdown" after his non re-election in his Dubin constituency in

 the last general election. ! How sensitive are our poor soul, piggy politicians, when they are rejected by the fickle electorate..

Research by the Sunday Independent sheds further light on the extent of our landlord class of politicians, showing

 that half of all TDs have interests in investment properties of some type, many of which would generate significant

 income on top of the salaries and expenses that are funded by the taxpayer.

When it comes to comparing deputies' property portfolios, Fianna Fail's Frank Fahey would certainly be in the top three.

Among the 19 properties he owns or co-owns are 10 apartments on Rue Du Sceptre in the theatre district

 of Brussels as well as a further five on Rue Emile-Paul. As well as a Jumeirah Estates-built house in Dubai, he also

 owns one in Villefranche in the south of France and has a shareholding in an apartment in Boston, according to the

 register of TDs' interests. He was also in the process of buying two further properties in Portugal when he last filed

 information in the register.

Fahey's colleague backbencher John McGuinness is the landlord of a pub, off-licence, fast-food outlet and motor

 service outlet on O'Loughlin Road in Kilkenny plus a second commercial property there.

As the owner of a nursing home, co-owner of the Rolestown House Hotel in Dublin and owner of student

 accommodation in Limerick, he can also look forward to steady income every month from perhaps dozens of

 students, pensioners and holidaymakers.

On the opposition benches, Dr James Reilly and Alan Shattertop the Fine Gael leader board.

As well as almost 240 acres over various farms and plots of land in north Dublin, Meath and Offaly, Dr Reilly has a

 holiday home at the Doonbeg five-star golf and spa resort in Clare.

In addition to his quarter-share of a nursing home in Tipperary, he would see a sizeable monthly rent roll from the

 block of surgery rooms, offices, shops, a supermarket, a restaurant and apartments he owns in Lusk, north

 Co Dublin.

His colleague Alan Shatter would also earn a considerable monthly income from the 10 apartments and office

 properties he owns in the capital and five other homes and apartments in London and Florida.

The picture is not very different in the Seanad, where Senator Larry Butler is the latest politician from whom

 the Taoiseach demanded an explanation for questionable expenses claims.

These were made for travelling into Dublin from a second home in Co Carlow, despite the fact he also owns a long-

term home on the exclusive Westminster Road in Foxrock, south Dublin, where his neighbours include

developers David Arnold and Michael Cotter.

But Senator Butler is way down the league compared to Fine Gael Senator Paul Coghlan, who owns 18 properties,

 including a sizeable chunk of Killarney in Co Kerry, including a shopping centre, apartments, offices, houses and a

 restaurant. Apartments in Dublin, an office block in London and student accommodation in Waterford, Cork

 and Galway generate further income for him.

Fianna Fail Senator Donie Cassidy's property portfolio is the second largest. Three hotels -- the Maldron Hotel on

 Granby Row, Cassidy's Hotel on Cavendish Row and Belvedere Hotel on Great Denmark Street -- are among the

 nine properties he owns in Dublin and Westmeath.

Eschewing the Marxist view that all property is theft, Labour Senator Dominic Hannigan is the final politician of note.

 Along with an apartment in Florence and a house in London, he also owns a holiday villa on the shores of

 Lake Garda in Italy.

Sunday Independent

It's a mad and a sick world.Let none of us stand in judgement.

RTE tried to sell paedophile chef Tim Allen's TV show abroad - more than a year after his sensational court case. 

Bread At Ballymaloe was filmed at his and celebrity wife Darina Allen's world-famous cookery school before he was convicted for downloading twisted images on to his computer. RTE admitted yesterday it made a mistake by advertising the series on its website. 

The station's international programme sales division is now to stop advertising the show. _ A spokeswoman said: "We are taking the series down from the website because we feel it is inappropriate due to the controversy over the court case." 

Shamed Allen, 53, became a figure of loathing when he pleaded guilty in January last year to downloading 977 sick images but walked free from court after paying /40,000 to children's charities. 

RTE is broadcasting a cookery series hosted by Darina - but it too faces the axe after viewers switched off in disgust over her husband's behaviour. 

RTE said it had no plans to recommission the series. 

over 700 hardened criminals walk free to terrorize citizens ,while 700 scarce prison places are occupied by citizens unable to pay fines.

 Fianna Fail politicians

"MORE than 700 convicted criminals are walking the streets because there are not enough prison spaces to hold them.

The proportion of inmates being given temporary release to ease prison overcrowding has more than tripled in the past two years.

The increase has coincided with an upsurge in crimes committed by prisoners on temporary release, new figures obtained by the Irish Independent reveal."

Meanwhile the real criminals are governing the country!

Ivor the connivor.

"Ivor Callely is living proof that travel doesn’t broaden the mind. The north Dublin senator claims to have clocked up tens of thousands of billable miles between his holiday home in west Cork and his social club in Leinster House, but has evidently noticed nothing en route about the changing national climate. No wonder he has trouble telling his abode from his bolthole."

The expenses fraud can o'worms opens in Kerry,Carlow, and Clontarf

JACKIE Healy-Rae has admitted that up until recently he has been driving to the Dail from his south Kerry constituency in the company of another Oireachtas member -- but he cannot say if they both claimed mileage expenses for their journey.
A Kerry joker-but the joke is on Dublin taxpayers.

A cushy job in the Seanad for failed politicians.

The Jewish problem according to our glorious leader- Brian Cowan.


No NAMA for Ghost Estate dwellers.!

SO Sheriff Elderfield believes people need to be taught a lesson. A moral lesson. And most of all, he thinks that people in trouble with their mortgages need to be taught a moral lesson.
When discussing the possibility of helping those who are falling behind with their mortgages, and who may be in danger of losing their homes, Elderfield cautioned against the socalled
“moral hazard” issue.
Moral hazard, for those of you who don’t know, is an old-fashioned notion that if you don’t make people responsible for the consequences of their actions,
 then you will encourage them to go off and do the exact same stupid things again.
 So in this case, if you bail someone out a bit on their mortgage, they will possibly go off again and get another crippling mortgage,
 secure in the knowledge they will be bailed out again.
Because of course that’s what someone who nearly loses their home will do if you help them. Having lain awake, sick with worry, without a job, and possibly trying to
 pay 7 per cent interest on their subprime mortgage, they will think:
“Well, thank God I got out of that one. Now let me see if I can get myself right back into hell.”
Of course, what you’re wondering now is why Elderfield has only brought up the whole idea of moral hazard at this point.
We don’t seem to recall anyone mentioning moral hazard when we bailed out the banks and all their buddies.
In fact, to the layman, it would seem that no one in banking, in the Department of Finance, in the Central Bank, in the office of the Financial Regulator, in the Dublin Docklands Authority, 
or anywhere else in the corporate or government world is being taught any kind of a lesson.
The moral lesson for all of those people was that you can ruin the country and you will either stay on in roughly the same job, get a promotion, or walk away with a giant pension.
Good for Sheriff Elderfield if he wants to go on a moral crusade. But should he not pick on someone his own size?
No, in the week that we bailed out the EBS, we were told that people in danger of losing their homes need to learn, and besides, it would be their neighbours who will be paying to bail them out.
Maybe Sheriff Elderfield should ask us — the neighbours in question — whether we’d prefer to pay to bail out our neighbours or Anglo Irish Bank? 
Who would we rather learnt the moral lesson here?
In the meantime, Elderfield and the others who are trying to address the growing mortgage arrears tsunami which threatens to swamp the country could consider taking the huge number of
people in mortgage trouble who are paying extortionate rates to subprime lenders, and offer them workable mortgages from the same banks that they, and we, now own. That might be a
good lesson for everyone. Trust me, moral hazard is nothing next to real hazard.
 (Brendan O Connor. Sunday Independent.)

Fianna Fail concerned for the long queue for social housing.?

Now that  the country is full of derelict developments and ghost estates, Fianna Fail have suddenly become impassioned about the sixty thousand odd  families who have been on the waiting lists for "social housing" during the era of the Great Property Bubble.
These families were supposed to have become wealthy enough to pay half a million Euros for a new semi out in Sallins or a two bed dog box in Swords.
Alas they did not. Fortunately for them they languished on the housing lists as politicians completely ignored them.
A few scraps from the developers table were thrown to young people who only earned an average working wage ,such as gardai and nurses and truck drivers and factory workers and so on. 
These "scraps" consisted of offerings from  the grandiose titled "Affordable Homes Agency", a new quango which was spawned too late to do much for these young people, as the recession had already begun when the local councils started taking houses, instead of money, from the busy developers.
These developers preferred that their properties would only be peopled with affluent buyers from the professional classes.That was then.Now even the knackers are welcome.!
Providing of course the state pays the rent and leases them from,er from who? Will they be leased from NAMA, or the banks, or the developers ?
Anyway,suddenly all the well heeled buyers disappeared. the banks ran out of cash.
Fianna Fail searched frantically for a way to alleviate the burden on their crony developers.
The re-invented themselves as politicians passionate about social justice-its convenient corollary-social housing.!
60,000 families waiting to fill the empty houses.Meanwhile the taxpayer who will now be milked for NAMA, will also  be milked to pay the rent for the "social houses" while they are "parked" with NAMA,and leased out to tenants- as the government awaits the ( hoped for) reversal of fortune in the economy,and the reappearance of prospective buyers do give a dig out to the ruined developers.
For some strange reason the banks are not playing ball?. I wonder why?

Website Officially Launched
Tuesday, June 24, 2008: As the well of buyers began to run dry, Mr. Michael Finneran, T.D., Minister for Housing, Urban Renewal and Developing Areas today launched an important new resource for affordable home purchase. The local authorities and the Affordable Homes Partnership are to market affordable homes available for purchase around Ireland on one website for the first time. 
Speaking at the launch of the new website, Mr Des Geraghty, the Chairman of the Affordable Homes Partnership, said it would be
 an invaluable tool for those seeking affordable homes.(they even got an ex-trade union official in on the act..)
"In an attempt to facilitate the many new international communities in Ireland, information on the new website is translated into Polish, Lithuanian and Chinese as well as Irish.   The first three languages were chosen based on CSO data and will help local authorities deal with queries from the public."
Alas the Poles are all gone home, ditto the Lithuanians. Any of them still here will be customers of the new "Social Homes Agency" as soon as Mr Finneran
 gets around to setting up yet another costly quango.!

Shane Ross- playwright?

THE scene: Anglo Irish Bank HQ, St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2. Location: The Sean FitzPatrick Memorial Room for Humble Bankers.

"Common Agriculture Policy " cash bonanza charade for the rich continues.
Michael Smurfit,The co-owner of the K Club (with Jerry Gannon the now namad developer) located in County Kildare received over 17,000 Euros from European taxpayers pockets last year!
Here is a picture of Michael's yacht, sailing in tropical seas.!

Jobs for the boys in Anglo Irish-no change; in "in your face" crony ism still rampant.!

Jewish commandos murder activists in international waters, on humanitarian mission to Gaza

Israel is a favored trading nation of the EEC. No parliamentarian  within the EEU has dared to suggest a boycott of Israeli products.
Gaza is one of the the largest Gulag's in the history of man's inhumanity to man.
Ironically the scale of repression, persecution and territorial expansion in the Middle East, has- in a western Europe context-only been  mirrored by the Nazi regime,during the  'Holocaust' period of the Second World War.!

Fianna Fail hoodlum Ivor Callely, fiddles € 80,000 expenses after destroying the livelihood of 26,000 taxi drivers nationwide.

400,000 new jobs to be created by government in the lucrative soliciting sector following arrest of Romanian vagrant by British police.

400,000 new jobs to be created by government in the lucrative soliciting sector following arrest of Romanian vagrant by British police.

Elliot Ness -Dermot Ahern.More media spin- More useless legislation

"Dermot Ahern’s commitment to protect whistleblowers will not safeguard a single employee in our banks and few in our public service

THE MINISTER for Justice sounded like Eliot Ness last Friday night. Speaking at the annual dinner of the Law Society, he committed the Government to a crackdown on white-collar crime."

John Devitt is chief executive of Transparency International Ireland – 

(read on)

The ugly face of Fianna Fail crony capitalism:Bernard McNamara

No minutes or records kept during crony deliberations between DDDA (Dublin Docklands Development Authority); their crony developers; and the greedy, unregulated bankers who sat on their board!

Sunday Independent May 16 2010

The cash-strapped Dublin Airport Authority has incurred "significant" losses on a €22m land deal to buy a 20-acre field with builder Gerry Gannonas markets were collapsing. Loans related to this deal are bound for Nama.

Last week, the Sunday Independent revealed that the loss-making DAA had ploughed into the overheated property market at the height of the boom with developers Liam Carroll and Bernard McNamara. Joint venture companies that bought these lands and assets had racked up borrowings of nearly €60m.

The D A A is  constantly increasing airport landing charges at Dublin Airport to pay for it's white elephant terminal which cost 700 million Euros. On top of the 10 Euros stealth tax on all tourists arriving in Ireland this policy will hasten the ruin of the only industry capable of reviving the nation in the short term-tourism.

A ticket bought from Ryanair  not infrequently costs less than the totality of taxes and landing charges imposed on the airline.


August 2006:

The Irish Independent reports that property developers Bernard McNamara and Gerry Barrett have emerged as the buyers of a number of hotels in the Great Southern group.

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), which owns the group, has approved the sale of seven of its eight hotels for more than €265m.

Mr McNamara has acquired the Parknasilla Hotel in Kerry, regarded as the jewel in the crown of the hotel group, for around €40m.

Galway-based developer Mr Barrett has bought the Killarney, Eyre Square and Corrib hotels through his Edward Holdings development company for more than the €130m.

The three airport hotels at Dublin, Cork and Shannon have been acquired by a company controlled by Ronan McArdle, Frank McArdle, Alan McIntosh and the Walsh brothers.

May 2010:

PROPERTY developer Bernard McNamara is seeking damages of tens of millions of euro from Dublin City

 Council after it turned houses that McNamara wanted to develop into protected structures.

McNamara has taken a high court challenge against the council's decision last July to preserve the 19th

 century terraced houses in South Dublin.

In an application for a judicial review of the decision, McNamara and his business partners argued that the

 decision to list the houses at Llandaff Properties on Merrion Road was "ultra vires", meaning beyond the

 powers of the council, and therefore has no legal effect.



Everybody is to blame-except Brian Cowan!

On Thursday 13th of may 2010,the leader of the Soldiers of Destiny, one Brian Cowan gave a speech before a group of businessmen.
The title was :
 "The Irish banking crisis: the mistakes, the responses and the lessons"

This was to be his "political rehabilitation" address. In the speech he outlines in some detail the factors behind  Ireland's ruinous property  bubble and the people responsible.
Needless to say,everybody was responsible- except Brian who was languishing in the Dail bar supping pints of Guinness and singing Irish rebel songs, for most of the boom.

Full report from Vincent Browne here:

Goebbels cant take the heat no more and Cowan blames World Jewry for the Ghost Estates.

Nostrodamus and I predicted everything?


Ghost Estates.Top class documentary now on view with RTE.this film records the criminality of the current government,as they stood idly by and watched their crony developers -in tandem with greed driven bankers- destroy the Irish economy.

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the NAMA Handicap Chase.The richest race in the world.Run in Ballybritt Racecourse every year.!